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If you like the way the VK Classifieds have worked for you, please consider a small donation to help with the running costs of this service.  

Any amount would be appreciated. Even a kind word or referral to a friend is valued :-)

Please Note:  Other sites may charge you up to 10% (or more!) of you final sale price and some even charge you just to list an item!  

VK Classifieds charges you NOTHING for basic adverts...EVER!

Donations can be made via Cheque, Money Order or Cash to:

A. Meredith
P.O. Box 890   
NSW 2850
or use PayPal to donate securely online with your credit card

It is not mandatory to donate but any help will be greatly appreciated and will help me cover the running expenses of the site and possibly (if enough) towards expansion/improvement of the VK Classifieds site in general.

Thankyou to those who have donated either financially, materially or have given generously of their time and knowledge. All greatly appreciated. (Listed below)  

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The donations highlighted in Red are more than twice the average donation amount (an exceptionally generous level of support). The table below is for the current calendar year - if you donated to VK Classifieds in previous years, thank you again.

Brendan Bryant VK3MH Winstone Buffrey  VK2BS Chris Holliday  VK7JU
Robert Campiciano  VK2RK Mark Blackmore  VK2XOF Brian - NBS Antennas & Masts
MacCrae McCullock  VK2BMZ John Hams  VK2JH Terry Neumann  VK5ATN
Ian Smith  VK5IJ Steven Harrison VK2XDE Mark Webster  VK2BAK
Stephen Bentley  VK3YJQ Don Peterkin  VK5DON Jeff Farmer  VK5GF
Waverley ARS  VK2BV Andrew Welch  VK7AL Herbert von Papen  VK4AQZ
Bernie Wills  VK4XK Peter Freeman  VK3KAI Kelly Richards  VK2KEL
Gary Ryan  VK4AR Fred Milnes  VK6UMH Alek Petkovic  VK6APK
Neville Mattick  VK2SIX Robert Wright  VK3ARM Gareth Evans  VK4FQ
Ross Hatton  VK3ZZ Peter Richie*  VK2HC Horst Leykam  VK2HL
John Duboisee** Rob Puise  VK3EY Jean-Marie Delmas
Robert Ward  VK2TAX Anthony Clancy  VK2MS Stephen Gregory  VK3ZAZ
Christopher Davis  VK2DO Peter Dosser  VK3CFA Derek Blair
 Brenton Meadows  VK3CM  David Thompson  VK3DRT  Andrew Bainbridge  VK3LTL
 Peter Dowde  VK7PD  Phil Heckingbottom  VK6ADF  Fred Kent  VK3APA
 Kevin Green  VK2KTG  Gregory Keegan  VK3POP  Graham Bradfield  VK2FGPB
Daryl St John  VK3ADR Ian Foster  VK3ST Russell Ashdown  VK2VK
Noel Lipscombe  VK2ANJ Peter Becker  VK5BE Garry Marcon  VK3ZP
Chris Maxwell  VK3VSW Jamie Frencham  VK3PKY Allan Tubb  VK3BF
Robert Howie  VK1MRH Paul Stampton  VK3IH Russ Jacob  VK2BJP
Justin Ward  VK2CY Zoro Parmigiani  VK3ZIP Paul Mitchell  VK3TPM
William Baynes  VK2BB Peter Forbes  VK3QI Murray Curtis  VK3ACF
Frank Ayling  VK5VL Gareth Hughes  VK5GP Ian Garnett  VK6EA
Richard Katsch  VK2EIK Steve Adler  VK5SFA Alan Kanowitz  VK3VZS
Paul Giusti  VK3APG Glen Molloy  VK2GRM Robert Hutchings  VK3JE
Robert Russell Mark Roberts  VK4AN John Middlebrook  VK2MKD
Bob Blumfelds  VK7RX Andy Beckmann VK5NTT Michael Rautenberg  VK2OT
Timothy Gaynor Kit Scally  VK1LL Ross Wattus  VK2FRGW
Jos Hendrix  VK5ZMO


* Multiple donations!

THANKS to those who have made a donation to help keep VK Classifieds running!

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