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If you like the way the VK Classifieds have worked for you, please consider a small donation to help with the running costs of this service.  

Any amount would be appreciated. Even a kind word or referral to a friend is valued :-)

Please Note:  Other sites may charge you up to 10% (or more!) of you final sale price and some even charge you just to list an item!  

VK Classifieds charges you NOTHING for basic adverts...EVER!

Here is an example of costs of using other online auction/classified selling sites. CLICK HERE


Donations can be made via Cheque, Money Order to:

A. Meredith
P.O. Box 890   
NSW 2850
or use PayPal to donate securely online with your credit card

PayID is also available to:

It is not mandatory to donate but any help will be greatly appreciated and will help me cover the running expenses of the site and possibly (if enough) towards expansion/improvement of the VK Classifieds site in general.

Thankyou to those who have donated either financially, materially or have given generously of their time and knowledge. All greatly appreciated. (Listed below)  

Donations in previous years - View Here

The donations highlighted in Red are more than twice the average donation amount (an exceptionally generous level of support). The table below is for the current calendar year - if you donated to VK Classifieds in previous years, thank you again.

Ian Garnett  VK6EA Joseph Bonavia VK3DXJ Zeljko Krestelica  VK6VY
Bradley Devon  VK2BY Bob Beck  VK4EK* Brian Pittman  VK4MO
Cliff Coverdale  VK2CRC Trevor Tregoweth  VK5TWT Tom Burt  VK2TB
Bernard Petherbridge  VK3AV Tony Power Rohitha Jayatileke  VK1RP
Sara Gow  VK2SUN Rob van Woudenberg  VK2RB Andrew Davis  VK1DA
Glen Millen  VK2FC Waverley Amateur Radio Society Inc.  VK2BV Cliff Coverdale VK2CRC
David McAulay  VK3EW Phil Vis VK3BOY Rick Kowalewski  VK6RK
Geoffrey Pak  VK2CNN Sandeep Purushan  VK4WXW Tony Hutchinson   VK5ZAI*
Hayden Sims  VK4NU John Baker  VK3JWC Stephen Lisle  VK2SL
Paul Mitchell  VK3TPM Franz Crachi  VK3DVD Richard Akehurst  VK2FIX
Noel Elphick  VK4NOE Paul Giusti  VK3APG* David Aberdeen  VK2IXI
Rob Kelly Gerard Gallagher  VK2GED Rob Seaton  VK5FX
John Butcher  VK2HA Charles Edmonds  VK3CLE Ken Church  VK3YXC
David Grove  VK2DWG Franz Crachi  VK3DVD Ross Hatton  VK3ZZ
Simon Gibbs VK3HOT Col Herbert  VK3GTV Andrew Tostevin  VK5WT
Peter Presutti  VK2CIM Chris Bull  VK3YUN Paul Meier  VK5MAP
Chris Meagher  VK2ACD Mark Bosma  VK2KI Max Joiner  VK3AMW
Richard Elliott  VK2KDE Jeff Dartnell Shane Major  VK4COG
Rod Kessell  VK5ZKR Peter Collie  VK3AAV Neville Green  VK6JDW
Bernard Wills  VK4AWJ Darren Holmes  VK5ADL Pooyan Khorasani  VK4PNS
Ian Norman  VK2ILN Michael Lanagan  VK4MWL Peter Harding  VK4OD*
Bert Allen  VK2BNX Peter Willmott  VK2LD Ian Wilkinson  VK2AMM
John Brown  VK3FR Don Peterkin  VK5DON Ari Xirocostas  VK2ARI
Wayne Memphis  VK2KWM Glynn  Hughes  VK5GP* Christopher Peake  VK3CXP
Adam Ellis  VK3NP John Oestergaard  VK4BJT


* Multiple donations!

THANKS to those who have made a donation to help keep VK Classifieds running!

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