Aug 31, 2021
15/06/2021 - Just an example of costs of using other online auction/classified selling sites.

I recently sold an item (not radio-related!) on another selling site for the first time in a while and the fees were a killer! This is the final total charged on my sale:

Final Value Fee

Item Sale Price




Variable percentage · Industrial category

-AU $156.67

Rate for AU $0.00 - AU $4,000.00


International Fee

Charged because the delivery address is in France. Final amount: AU $1,286.10.


-AU $12.86

Item fee total

-AU $169.53

Final Value Fee

Per order fixed amount

-AU $0.27

-AU $0.27

Total fees

-AU $169.80


-AU $16.99

Total fees (VAT)

-AU $186.79

The summary of all this is that while my item sold for $1176 and there was an additional $110 paid by the buyer for postage (to France) all that I had paid to me after the sites "fees" was $989

VK Classifieds does not charge a mandatory fee for anyone to use this service but if you can spare a small amount to donate to help cover the costs it will certainly be appreciated. Especially as my server hosting fees are, as of Aug 2021, about to rise by approx 50%! Thank you in advance. If you cannot afford anything then that is perfectly fine and understandable - even a kind word is valued.

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