Registration Guidelines

I am aware this is inconvenient and tedious BUT... it is for everyone's security!

Important Notes - You really do NEED to read these:

  • All of the Conditions of Use, Guidelines and processes etc on the VK Classifieds site are there to facilitate a more secure, convenient and enjoyable experience for everyone!  They have not been implemented explicitly to give you a pain in the @#$&
All registrations must include a verifiable phone number/address via White Pages and an ISP email account (NOT Gmail / Hotmail or similar).  If this is not possible (silent number/mobile etc) then I will require you to supply a copy of either your amateur licence or some other form of verifiable documentation* eg. Licence/Elec bill etc.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  If you do not agree then this you will not be permitted to use this service. This information will NEVER be passed on (except to relevant authorities if legal requests are made in the event of a dispute).
  • You must enter your details accurately and exactly as asked or you registration will be deleted without further notice. You must list your e-mail address accurately, as the program will use this address when sending you your initial logon password and other information.
  • Your username must be one word, using 6-12 characters, with no spaces, using only numbers and letters (a-z, _, or 0-9). Capitalization does matter.
  • Your password must be one word that contains 6-12 characters.
  • Please enter accurate address details eg. Sydney is not accurate if you live in Penrith. Also a street address is required - NOT a PO Box. These details are required for everyone's protection using this system.
  • Write down the username and password that you choose, as you will need these later when you come back to modify your classified ads.
  • Submitting your information for registration again signifies your complete acceptance of the Conditions of Use of this site and also your agreement to follow the Guidelines of VK Classifieds. You also declare that the information given is accurate and current.. Thankyou.
*Other Acceptable Verification methods: (any of these will be all that is required for registration to proceed)
  • Supply a copy of your VK licence (ONLY if you have a certificate - the downloadable PDF from the ACMA is NOT acceptable - Here is a quote from the ACMA on this - " an ACMA radiocommunications licence is not and has never been considered an appropriate document to prove identity")
  • Supply a copy of a bill/receipt showing your name and address
*All supporting documentation should be sent to

Simple Registration Check List:

  1. Is your email address an ISP provided email address (e.g.  -  not a Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo etc.
  2. Please do not list a WIA email address as their system bounces VK Classified emails for some reason!
  3. Is your phone number listed in the White Pages? - please check this yourself as you may not be!

If NO to EITHER of these questions you will simply need to supply (to  a scan/copy of your VK licence (ONLY if you have a certificate - the downloadable PDF from the ACMA is NOT acceptable)...

...or some other form of verifiable documentation eg. Elec bill (showing address) or licence etc.

This would be all that is required as proof of ID.  You could then submit your registration request, via the website, and it would be processed as soon as received.

To clarify this: You can have an unlisted phone number and/or a non-ISP email address but you will need to supply the required supporting information before your registration will be processed.

None of this is designed specifically to give you a pain in the @R$E!  It is for every users protection!  Simple.
Answer the question below correctly to continue with the Registration process. 
This will take you to an external JotForm to complete the Registration.

"The Sky is normally ....?..."


IMPORTANT: If you do not follow this process your registration will NOT be processed. Period!
This is very simple and for everyone's protection.  I do not want to spend my time debating this - if you want some security then I have to do some checks!
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