29/09/2021 - Update

Sep 29, 2021
Hi All

Things slowly coming together.  Milestone for today is the final look of Homepage locked in finally!  Look out for a new and exciting Commercial advertiser coming on board very soon as well.  Auctions are usable but still proving to be problematic.  This will be a work in progress for a while but quite a few things that were playing havoc with the auction process have either been resolved or removed.  Still not an automatic system, at this time, like some other auctions sites but still useful I think as an option to sell with.  If you try it and have an issue please let me know the specifics so I can hopefully get them sorted out.  Lots of little tweaks and fixes here and there and quite a few coming from very useful feedback from users.  This is very much appreciated as it is sometimes hard to notice everything.

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