25/11/2021 - Update - Listing Durations and Features changed

Nov 25, 2021
Hi All

You may may have noticed a drop in advert numbers today?  This is because a hard limit expiry duration is now being enforced on listings.  I trialled not enforcing this but have found that some users are not removing their listings when they are no longer required which is causing frustration and confusion for other users trying to contact users about items that are no longer available.  The new listing durations for each tier (and other plan features) are:

                                  Free     Supporter    Sponsor        Commercial

Listing Period              14         21               21                31

Number of Pictures       8         12                20                20

Number of Videos         2          5                10                10

Also the listing information in the My Listing pages has been updated to show prices, views and durations and also now the ability to renew both Classifieds and Auctions.

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