Aug 31, 2021

24/08/2021 - A change is coming...........

A complete site change is coming in the next couple of months. I have to work out the timing so stay tuned but this has to happen.

This is brought about by both my server OS going "out of life" and needing to migrate to a completely new one and also, more drastically, the software that runs VK Classifieds is in danger of just shutting down one day as the company that provided it has ceased to exist. This may or may not affect my site function but no-one can provide any surety about this so it is hope for the best or plan for the worst! I’ll go with the latter!

This will all not be cheap or easy! The estimate currently is around $1000-1200 software fees and setup and then an ongoing 45% increase in server fees. You have to love the way sales departments can explain away massive rises as some sort of favour to you! It is what it is I suppose?

Anyway, the upside is that the new software can be made to look very similar to the current site, within reason, and best of all I can do an import on the day of change of ALL User accounts, categories, etc, and ALL live adverts with images. This will mean that you will be able to just sign in as normal and do what you did before. Hopefully, you find extra functionality available as well that I hope you will find useful. I am trying very hard to make this as uncomplicated as I can. I know none of us like change! I will provide more when I no more and especially as and when a change date is nailed down. I hope you will bear with me as all this happens.

A lot of work and associated RSI but just remember .......Don’t panic...change can be good. I keep telling myself that.

Thanks in advance for your understanding and support.

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