23/09/2021 - Update..so far

Sep 23, 2021
Hi All,

Quite a few things happening.   Layout changes to the Homepage with more to come I hope once I figure it out :-)  Also you may notice now when posting an advert that you now have the option of having an Auction.  This one is a work in progress and is somewhat unusual as it, I think, was more designed around an online store initially.  Anyway if you want, in Auctions at least, to have the facility to have people pay you via Paypal directly at the end of the Auction make sure you put your Paypal address in the Shopping Cart section in your Profile area.  As I said still an evolving section.  Finally sorted Paypal payment for subscriptions after a few false starts but as with everything else if you see something a bit strange or that does not work please let me know. 
There is an issue with the Contact Seller link missing from advert, when logged in, on Android.  Fixed the IOS side but Android needs some work so stay tuned if you use that OS.  Also issues in general with logging in to accounts which I hope have now been sorted.  Seemed to be related to the system wanting to use SMS for authentication that I was not aware of!  That has been disabled and things now seem to be working as they should in that area.  A few other smal UI changes around the place.

Thanks again for all the support, it has been quiet overwhelming to be honest and very, very much appreciated.  It helps lower the stress and soothes the RSI -)
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