09/09/2021 - Old Site goes down! - New Site goes up!

Sep 09, 2021
HI All,

Unfortunately, as I was preparing the new site in the likelyhood that the existing one would cease to function at some time, it did just that and switched off on the morning of the 8th of Sept. 2021.  This was due to the software periodically checking back to its original server to confirm licence authenticity which could not be done due to the fact that the company that created it ceased to exist without notice!  Consequently this threw a very large spanner in the gradual and methodical configuration plan I had for the new site.  All of a suddent it came down to get it online asap and work the rest out later!  I hope this will at least get peoples adverts back online and show that the service is continuing albeit in a state of flux for a while.  Thanks for your understanding an patience during this unfortunately rushed process.

Please let me know if you find something "wrong".  Please use the Contact Us form but also appreciate the volume of work going on may prohibit my immediate response.

cheers...Allan VK2CA
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