06/10/2021- Update

Oct 06, 2021
Hi Al

Welcome to the newest advertiser - Bitek P/L.  You all would be familiar with Hills I’m sure and this is where Hills now live, with Kaz and the team at Bitek.  Lots of RF and Communications equipment as well. Please check them out.
The site is still rolling along.  Advert numbers are picking up again which is great.  Thanks again for all the kind words from everyone.  There have been lots of small tweaks behind the scenes and quite a few to the UI you may, or may not, have noticed. 
Your feedback has been invaluable.  Please keep it coming if you notice something not quite right. 
With the change of system there have been some functions that are no longer available eg being able to add an Alert for every new advert.  but you can still add Alerts (from the Search page) for specific items!
I am still testing the functionality but hopefully renewal of old and expired adverts will be available soon as well.  Tweaks are also still happening to the Auction process.  Again if there is something strange please let me know.

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