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Mar 28, 2023
Thanks to all of the reachouts offering advice and local (vk) tech info.
i really appreciate it.

It seems in the background of my radio and its current status , that my radio has sparked attention in Japan and it may be making the journey to be corrected via the manufacturer.
I appreciate the efforts of our local mfg tech support who have admitted that this radio is different to most in design and construction and out of their limits.
honesty pays off.
So lets see where this goes and rest assured it will be in good hands to bring this flagship back to its glory for hopefully years to come.
it has really had the pros stumped!!
so thanks again. We are blessed to have such a good amateur community here in oz. Keep up the good work.
Marty vk5vz
original post
Hi all

I write this in some disbelief.
I own a 7800 that I acquired from a deceased estate end of 2022 from QLD.
symptoms are NO AF - no speaker sound- no monitor function to name a few.All on RX side.
latest FW , power up is good, scope is good.
She is deaf. And yes , the BNCs are installed at the rear.

surfing the net highlights various troublesome areas with this flagship radio.
My radio has visited the Manaufacturers tech support in Melbourne , and a response of "unable to repair - no parts available"..has returned

I am in shock, as an IC746 of 1990 can obtain parts , but a highly promoted and marketed flagship (best of the best ) of 2004  cannot warrant any parts - Globally it seems!!

The only shining light from the technical dept is that the "MAIN Board" is likely the problem.Not certain,but likely.
Is that a true diagnosis - 1 would only ponder. Its a good starting point I guess , as most boards lead to the MAIN.

So , last correspondence is " it can be sent back (unrepaired) or disposed of.....
DISPOSED of ??? your kidding right!
in 2004 this radio was $12000 and now a boat anchor. Jeez , my old hybrid of 1970 is still going strong with dirty caps!

I put it to all amatuers , Australia and afar , if you know of any shelved ic7800 , let me know..
Im sure its a board component thats gone , not a whole board.
The easy modern day fix is a Board - and thats it!

Im open to any techs that have the ability to component disagnose to come forward.
I dont want FREE - im willing to pay for your expertise , as i was with the manufacturer to get this running again in its glory.

Open to comment.

Thanks to all
Marty VK5VZ
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