Icom 970 - Australian Spec

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Jun 19, 2022
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Icom IC-970 2m, 70cm & 23cm Coverage
Icom 970 Australian Specification 10 watts 2 metres, 70 cm and 23 cm.
This classic Icom radio is one that I bought in from overseas as it had the 13 cm (2.4 GHz) module in it and I needed that module to complete all options in one of the other radios in my collection.
I have since taken that module out and installed into my other radio so this unit as described above is now for sale.
There are some minor marks on the case and a small repaired crack on the left side return of the front panel.
I have replaced the Japanese Eprom with an Australian version of the image and for reference, the coverage on each of the bands is:
136 MHz – 174 MHz,
429 MHz – 450 MHz
1240 MHz – 1300 MHz
Sub audible tone is available on all frequencies and offsets and is adjustable to suit the different repeater environments.
On the bench, the radio performs quite well and typical of these 970 series radios, the sensitivity is superb as is the recovered and transmitted audio quality.
When initially sold by Icom, these radios generally came only as a 12 volt powered radio and covered only 2 metres and 70 cm.
As indicated above there were a range of options and these included OCXO, 70CM, 13CM, Mains power supply, General coverage receiver, voice synthesiy3er CW keyer and a range of other accessories designed to suit.
They were top of the line in their day and still are a beautiful rig to operate.
There will be a memory stick with documentation including service manual and short DC power lead provided with the radio. There is no microphone provided however any of the standard Icom microphones will work with the radio.
These rigs are the perfect rig for both terrestrial and satellite chasing and provide the user with every option for communication in both areas.
Refer to Rigpix site for specifications: http://www.rigpix.com/icom/ic970.htm
The display is a back lit LCD and there are no missing pixels and the display is perfectly clear.
Pick up is available from Caulfield South or will ship via Pack N Send at cost to purchaser.
This is a great rig and all you need do is connect power and antennae then work all you can hear be it the birds circling the earth or terrestrial contacts in any of the modes. The 970 also interfaces nicely with Ham Radio Deluxe control software, MMSSTV, SatPC32, EasyPal, WSJT-X and a variety of other PC based programs decided only by your interests.
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