Kenwood TS-2000 Transceiver

$ 1,500.00
Mar 14, 2023
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Kenwood TS-2000 DSP All Mode, Multi-band Band Transceiver (HF, VHF, UHF), with Built-in AUTO ANTENNA TUNER.
UT-20 module for 1.2 GHz has been fitted when purchased new.
Purchased about 5 years ago from the original owner, with original purchase receipt. Comes with original packaging and will be double boxed. Supplied with hand mic and DC power lead.
Has performed superbly and it has always been in a smoke-free environment. Has had very little use.
The serial number indicates it does not have any of the filter problems suffered by the early production units.
The TS-2000 has very high standards without the limitations found in other similar multi-band, multi-mode transceivers.
  • DSP filtering that really works.
  • Excellent audio reports
True IF/stage main band DSP, Sub-band AF stage DSP
Sub-receiver for 144/440/1.2 GHz (FM/AM)
Razor-sharp 50 Hz DSP filter for CW
DX Packet Cluster Tune (P.C.T.)
Built-in 9600/1200 bps TNC for DX Packet Cluster Tune and Sky Command II Plus
Dual receive: HF-V/U, V/V, V/U, U/U
100 watts HF, 6 and 2 meters, 50 watts 70cm, 10 watts 1.2 GHz
Built-in ATU HF/6 meters
Built-in RS-232
Built-in TCXO, 0.5 PPM stability
CTCSS and DCS encode/decode
Electronic memory keyer
Six antenna ports: 2 SO-239 HF/6m, SO-239 2m, Type N 70cm, Type N 1.2 GHz option and 1 separate HF RX RCA
TX: All bands 1.8 to 450.0 MHz
General RX: 30 kHz to 60 MHz, 142 to 152 MHz, 420 to 450 MHz, 1240 to 1300 MHz
Modes: CW, SSB, FSK, AM, FM
Stability, Main: 14 degrees F to 122 F; FM plus/minus 0.5 PPM plus/minus 2 kHz, other modes: plus/minus 0.5 ppm
Stability, Sub: 14 degrees F to 122 F; within plus/minus 0.5 ppm plus/minus 600 Hz
Antenna Impedance: 50 ohms
ATU range: 16.7 to 150 ohms
Power Requirement: 13.8 Vdc
DC current: TX: 20.5 A max., RX: 2.6 A
Operating Temperature range: 14 degrees F to 122 F

Output SSB/CW/FSK/FM: 100 W (160/2 meters) / 50 W (70cm) /10 W (23cm)
Output AM: 25 W (160/2 meters) / 12.5 W (70cm) / 2.5 W (23cm)
Spurious emissions: 160/10 meters -50 dB or less, 6 m to 70 cm band -60 dB or less, 23 cm band -50 dB or less
Carrier suppression (SSB) 50 dB or more
Unwanted sideband (modulation at 1.0 kHz): 50 dB or more
Frequency deviation: (FM) Wide plus/minus 5 kHz, Narrow plus/minus 2.5 kHz
XIT range: Plus/minus 20.0 kHz

Main RX SSB/CW/AM/FSK: Quad Superheterodyne, FM: Triple Superheterodyne
Sub RX FM/AM: Double Superheterodyne
Image rejection Main: 70 dB or more
Image rejection Sub: 60 dB or more
Audio output (8 ohms, 10 percent distortion) 1.5 W or more
Audio output impedance (EXT.SP1 and EXT.SP2) 8 ohms
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