Index Laboratories QRP Plus 160m-10m Transceiver

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Jul 02, 2022
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This little cube paved the way for the Yaesu FT-817 and also the Tentec Argonaut was released around the same time I believe, but don't quote me on that. This is a very basic radio with only 4 buttons, two switches and two knobs. Less to go wrong I say! The meter works well and the display is not backlit. It draws very little power.

I have had this radio for about 3 years. Sourced from the USA. This little SSB/CW transceiver has been my favourite radio used mainly as a base station. I have instructions that I printed out somewhere but cannot find them but there a few pages online dedicated to this unit. I have a 73 magazine (pdf) on this unit where it was featured and also the pdf manual which I can email. The unit gives you instructions on how to wire a microphone for this transceiver. I have used a uniden speaker mic and rewired to suit. I have also removed the speaker from the mic as the main unit has a speaker on the top. To be honest, you could make a better mic for this (electret) and I have not gotten around to doing it. It is a QRP rig so about 5-6W.  I also sourced a 3D printed dome that is attached onto the top by magnets to better direct and amplify the sound. It also has a built in stand at the front.

The only things I have done to it is change the internal lithium cell battery for the memory, pre programmed all the bands in and added a microphone. I have also made the dc power plug with terminals to attach to a battery. It comes with an extension also so you can connect the two wires together to have banana plugs and use it as a base station with your preferred power supply. 

I'm selling this because I now have a small SDR radio and that has become my new favourite rig. Will be sad to see this one go but it is a great radio to learn on and also great for a foundation licence holder as it is below 10W. 

Postage anywhere in VK (will be packed well) and also pick up from Kings Langley NSW 2147.

73, VK2MOT
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