WARS Anderson Powerpole DC Distribution Box KIT

$ 45.00

Kit includes all the parts needed to make one  DC power distribution box, in a supplied 3D Printed Case.

The case is made with PETG or ABS,   tough and durable materials that withstand up to about 80 deg C  (PETG) or 100 deg C (ABS) .

Kit includes 7 Anderson Powerpole connectors and a voltmeter that fits inside the case.

Note that this is still all in kit form, soldering and assembly are required and you may need something to hold the meter in place, hot glue, or Araldite.  Check out the youtube video description.
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Additional Info

The features of the box are as follows:

1. One input connector. May be replaced by a direct cable input.
2. 6 outputs.
3. Each output is fused with a standard blade fuse.
4. Each fuse has a RED LED indicator under it to indicate a fuse failed condition.
5. Indicator LED to indicate power present and correct polarity. GREEN = Power available at correct polarity.   RED = Power available but incorrect polarity.
6. Designed to fit inside3D Printed box (approx 110 x 55 x 33 mm),
7. All components mounted on double-sided PCB with double thickness tracks (2oz copper) and all plated through holes. PCB is also RoHS compliant.
Assembly Instructions are HERE

Click HERE to buy  email treasurer@vk2bv.org

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