ICOM 260 Frequency Speed Dial. Post free

$ 57.00
I made a protype frequency speed dial knob for the Icom 260 and other radios with 6.00mm shaft and 35mm diameter. It worked so well I manufactured a small quantity. I had the 35mm frequency select knob CNC machined from aluminium (5000) and all hardware is stainless steel. M2 and M2.5 allen keys included. Flat black epoxy paint. Post free with tracking within AU. (The listing price is half of what it cost of manufacture.) PayPal only and posted to PayPal address. No returns.
ICOM 260 not included. Offered to AU first before listing on International auction site. Note.The frequency knob spindle in radio maybe loose. Contact me and will advise how to tighten without dismantling the radio. Thank You. Chris VK2CY
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