Icom UT102 Voice board for Icom Transceivers

$ 175.00
Jan 02, 2022
Very rare and hard to find, the Icom UT102 Voice board, an essential add on for anyone vision impaired.  Currently selling used in the USA on an auction site for around $300 landed, hopefully this one is a bit more affordable here in VK.

The Icom UT-102 voice synthesizer announces the operating frequency and mode of the radio in English (or may be set to Japanese) with a female voice. When installed in the Icom IC-746 (and some other Icom models), it additionally can announce S-meter level.
This "plug in" option does not require special tools to install.

Suits IC-R75 R8500 706 718 746 746Pro 756 756PROIII 910H

$175 plus $15 post trackable Australia wide

email brenton@posnav.com.au

Article below re the UT102

Icom Voice Synthesizers

   This article is for blind and vision-impaired amateur radio operators interested in using a voice synthesizer to announce the frequency, mode, and signal strength information from an Icom transceiver.

   A voice synthesizer is a standard feature in all but three of the HF transceivers currently sold by Icom, and many older models can be retrofitted using a UT-102 Voice Synthesizer unit. The user manual for your radio will state whether this is an option.

   Icom no longer produces the UT-102 unit, and newer models no longer support it. For example, a footnote was recently added to the user manual for the IC-718 transceiver, stating that the UT-102 speech synthesizer settings in the menu no longer function.


   Basic operation of all Icom voice units is the same, whether they are built-in or installed as an accessory: To hear an announcement of the frequency, press the Speech button on the radio panel. When the signal level menu option is activated, the frequency announcement is preceded by the S-meter reading. The operating mode (USB, LSB, CW, etc.) is announced when a mode button is pressed.

   The language (English/Japanese), speech speed (high/low), and signal level announcement (on/off) are selectable in the set mode menus. The volume is controlled with a menu setting (0 - 100% in 1% steps) for built-in synthesizers and with a trimmer potentiometer on accessory unit boards.

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