MARCONI VHF Signal Generator  TF801A/1 (working)

$ 50.00
Jan 17, 2022
MARCONI   VHF  Signal  Generator   type  TF801A/1
This is a signal generator that covers the frequency range of 10 mhz to 310 mhz in 4 bands. The bands are 10-25 mhz, 25-60 mhz, 55-150 mhz, 145-310 mhz, using a large turret inside the generator. The coils and capacitors rotate beautifully. There are 2 attenuators on the right hand side, but they do not appear to change the output much. There is a huge frequency dial, with a corrector next to it. You can connect a frequency counter to the HIGH output connector, and the attenuated output to the main connector, a small cable is included. The outputs are CW, then SINE wave, then a SQUARE wave, see the photos of the waveforms. The SINE wave can be 400, 1000, 5000 hz, or an external input. The level can be adjusted using the meter, but it appears to hit the left hand side and does not indicate the modulation depth. The RF output level cab be set with the meter and there is a SINE setting and a SQAURE wave setting. The meter sticks occasionally. It runs frim 240 volts AC, mains cable included. This generator works, and there are pictures of the waveform on the oscilloscope. It is very well made, with all metal parts silver plated. There are 7 valves inside. It is an older model generator , and it has a plastic MARCONI dust cover, which is included. It needs a clean. There is a manual on the web, but it appears to be a previous model, with different valves. 
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