Marconi 2955A

$ 1,850.00
May 29, 2023
HI All

This unit is in very nice condition and they do NOT come up very often (I should know :-)).

All functions as it should eg all lights and buttons working.  I have tested the power, modulation, frequency etc for operation and accuracy and all are very close for a unit that has not been calibrated recently.  Tested against my calibrated unit it showed 1hz difference in frequency and 1.5% in modulation so all in all it is working very well.  If you use an external 1MHz ref you will get rid of the 1Hz difference :-)  While we are at it we can start splitting hairs for fun! 

The pictures show the actual unit and no there is not an issue with the screen as it is an artifact from the camera that causes the shadowing.  The CRT is very clear and bright.  There is some light scratching on the faceplate.  All should be visible in the pictures so you know exactly what you are getting.  Any questions please just ask.

The basic specs are:
Range:  0.4-1000Mhz
Resolution: 50hz to 530Mhz 100hz to 1000Mhz
9 Digit Display
Digital Scope (up to 400Hz)
and all other metering functions you would expect.  There is a mountain of info on these on the net.  Every self-respecting techo should have one of these!

I would expect postage to the Eastern states to be around $50ish but will quote exactly on sale.

cheers...Allan  VK2CA
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