SMB65ss series Side Mount Brackets for rotators

$ 275.00


SIDE MOUNT BRACKETS, SMB65ssR is for the  rotator & SMB65ssB is for mast thrust bearing.

Support mast, clamping sizes:-

50 to 68mm diameter round tube.

65 to 68 mm SQUARE tube, (using longer bolts).

NEW:- Locator Plate & Backing Clamp for 50 x 50mm Square support mast.    

Flat surface 100mm  plus width, (using screws or bolts).

Each bracket is made from 3mm Stainless Steel, Laser cut, computer folded & welded by MICRO Manufacturing in Australia, supplied with backing plate & 6 x 65mm M8 S/S hex set screws, nuts & washers.

Has provision for four (4) support mast locking screws or bolts

A minimum of two brackets (1x SMB65ssB & 1x SMB65ssR) are needed, for added rotator protection a second SMB65ssB can be used.

SMB65ssR is for most rotators with a 4 or 6 bolt mounting pattern including:-

CREATE:- RC5 series RC5-1, RC5-1DC, RC5-3/P, RC5A-2, RC5A-3/P, RC5B-3/P RC5B-4P etc.

DAIWA:-  DR-7500, DR-7600, MR-750, MR-300 & MR-400.

EMOTATOR:-  105, 502, 747, 750, 1100,1102/3, 1105, 1200 & 1300 etc.

Hy-Gain, CDE etc:- Ham-M, Ham-2, Ham-3, Ham-4 & Ham-5 + T2X.

KENPRO:-  KR-400, KR-450XL, KR-600, KR-650, KR-800, KR-1000, KR-2300, KR-2700 & HR-1300 etc.

PST:-  641 & 2051.

YAESU:- G-400,G-450, G-600, G-650, G-800, G-1000, G-2700 & G-2800 etc.

Weight 1.86kg.

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