NOS YAESU G-650A serviced & upgraded

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Aug 02, 2022
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This NOS G-650A rotator set was upgraded from a G-450A.  
I had more pics & a video of the upgrades, but they were lost when the SD card died.   

Wind Area ............... 2.00 m sq.

Rotation Torque ..... 6.0 kg/m

Brake Torque ......... 50 kg/m

Rotational Angle......450 degrees

Mast Size ................ 38 ~ 63mm (48 ~ 50mm centered)

Rotation Time ........ 63 seconds 360 degrees

Rotator Voltage ..... 24v AC

The NOS G-450A/650A Controller:-.

I purchased this controller as new unused in it's original unopened plastic bag, I had to check the insides & test it to make sure it was working properly, so while I had it apart I gave it a few upgrades.

The Back Panel:- I replaced the Molex style socket & installed a new 6 pin Cinch socket & laser cut S/S cover/mounting plate, includes new 6 pin Cinch plug .

On The Inside:- Replaced the old globes display illumination with one of my yLED-dc LED PCB.

Aligned & calibrated to the G-650 rotator.

The G-650 Rotator :- Has a 24v AC motor & unopened GAL mounting/clamping hardware.

I purchased the G-450 rotator as new/unused & upgraded it to a G-650 configuration.

The Upgrades:-

Since the G-450 does not have limit switches. The G-650 does, I added them & rewired it.

Since the G-450 only has one set of 3 stack final drive gears onto the top housing. The G-650 has 2 sets x 3 stack final drive gears, I add these gears.

Since the G-450 has a reduced size BK brake spring (less brake torque). The G-650 has the normal size BK spring, I add this normal BK spring & while I was replacing the BK Spring I did my normal upgrade of replacing the small 3mm long grub screw that hold the BK butterfly to the motor shaft, with a 6mm long version & more Loc-tight on the thread, I can apply more tightening up force using this 6mm long version.

I replace the original ? 7 pin plug/socket with a 5 new pin LTW 20amp plug/socket with S/S cover plate. 

Reassembled with new grease through out.

This rotator was painted grey by the owner when he purchased it & it was put back into it's packaging & box. 

Re-aligned & calibrated with the controller.

Supplied with original up-opened  mast clamping & mounting hardware.

240v AC, 36 month warranty.

This unit is available for exchange see details on my web site.
Contact Peter of DUORO SERVICES via the email service provided by VK Classifieds

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