KENPRO KR-500A_DS-3p Elevation Rotatot Set

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Feb 13, 2024
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Refurbished & Upgraded KENPRO KR-500A_DS-3p Elevation Rotator Set

Wind Area ............... 0.80 m sq.

Rotation Torque ..... 4.0 kg/m

Brake Torque ......... 20 kg/m

Rotation Stops........Mechanical & Electrical

Boom Size...............32 ~ 43

Mast Size ................38 ~ 63mm

Rotation Time ........74 seconds 180 degrees

Rotator Voltage ..... 24v AC

Rotator Weight........3.3kg


The Standard Panel metered DS-3p Controller:- .

Disassembled, cleaned & prep chassis for upgrades etc, Chassis was the zinc plated.

The Back Panel:- Installed a new 6 pin Cinch socket & laser cut S/S cover/mounting plate, New fused IEC 240v socket & earth bolt.

On The Inside:- Replaced original PCB with one of my DS-3p version, installed LED display illumination which is powered by the DS-3p PCB.

Moved the motor start CAP to the rotator & rewired etc

Re-assembled, fully tested & aligned with the KR-500A rotator.

Supplied with IEC power lead & 6 pin Cinch plug for control cable inc. revised manual

The KR-500A Rotator :- Has a 24v AC motor & a lift disc brake mount on top of the motor.

   "You have a choice of mount hardware" :-

 (A) Is for mounting to the side of a mast, inc. Long M8 studs & hardware + 4 S/S mast clamps.

 (B) Is for mounting direct to top of a suitable rotator, inc. Aluminium "L" brackets & hardware.  

Disassembled to the last nut, bolt & screw. Cleaned & checked all parts for damage.

Replaced damaged housings with NEW, Installed M8 RECOIL inserts into mounting holes.

 Installed the motor start CAP & NEW limit switches, Refurbished POT. Fully rewired into a NEW LTW 7 pin Chassis Socket .

The Hollow Axle was Glass Bead Blasted by IMPACT GLASS BEAD, the Etch primed & painted in silver then a couple of coats of clear (to match the new housings).

Affixed the gear shafts into the lower gear chassis, Installed freshly greased gears into gear chassis then assembled it & the hollow axle into the NEW housings with the new bearings & new grease through out.

Re-aligned & calibrated with the controller.

Supplied with stainless steel hardware & LTW 7 pin plug.

 24 month warranty.

This unit is available for exchange, see details on my web site.
Contact Peter of DUORO SERVICES via the embeded email service provided by VK Classifieds.

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Mounting Bracket
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