KENPRO KR-400 Rotator Set Refurbished etc

$ 550.00
May 03, 2022
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Wind Area ............... 1.00 m sq.

Rotation Torque ..... 4.0 kg/m

Brake Torque ......... 15 kg/m

Mast Size ................ 38 ~ 63mm

Rotation Time ........ 50 seconds 360 degrees

Rotator Voltage ..... 24v AC


The Standard Panel metered Controller:- .

Disassembled, cleaned & prep for upgrades + new parts.

The Back Panel:- Installed a new 8 pin Cinch socket & laser cut S/S cover/mounting plate, New fused IEC 240v socket & earth bolt.

On The Inside:- Replaced the old globes display illumination with a 3 LED 12v module & mounted their power supply onto the main PCB.

Moved the motor start CAP to the rotator & rewired etc

Re-assembled, fully tested & aligned with the KR-400 rotator.

Supplied with IEC power lead & Cinch plug for control cable inc. revised manual

The KR-400 Rotator :- Has a 24v AC motor & a lift disc brake mount on top of the motor.

Disassembled to the last nut, bolt & screw. Cleaned & checked all parts for damage.

Upgraded the 3 stack final drive gears to a 4 stack (from a KR-600), this give more surface area contact onto the rare ring gear.

Upgraded the disc brake  assembly, Replaced the bearing, Installed the motor start CAP & new limit switches, New POT. Fully rewired, .

All housing & the mast clamp were Glass Bead Blasted by IMPACT GLASS BEAD, the housings were Etch primed & then painted in hammer tone silver.

Affixed the gear shafts into the lower chassis, The gears were aligned & shimmed then re-assembled into the refurbished housings with the new bearings & new grease through out.

Re-aligned & calibrated with the controller.

Supplied with stainless steel hardware & LTW 7 pin plug.

240v AC, 24 month warranty.

This unit is available for exchange. see detail on my web site.

Accessories Included
Mounting Bracket
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