Emotator 1102MSB Rotator Set.

$ 950.00
Aug 28, 2023
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Fully Refurbished & Upgraded
1102 Rotator With A Standard Full Circle Display MSB Controller.

Includes Top Mast Clamp, Plugs For Control Cable + revised manual .


Wind Area ................2.5m Sq.

Rotation Torque ..... 8.0 Kg/m

Brake Torque ......... 100 Kg/m

Mast Size ................ 45 ~ 60mm
Brake System..........Solenoid actuivated twin wedge

Rotation Time ........ 80 second 360 degree
Control cable...........7 core (I can supply cut to length & terminated)

Rotator Voltage ..... 100vAC

Rotator Weight........6.2Kg including mast clamp.


The MSB Controller:-  Full Circle Display with a BDS-35 brake delay PCB.

Fully disassembled, cleaned & prepared the chassis for new upgraded parts. Chassis was then re-zinc plated.

The Front panel:- NOS Front panel & direction switch knob, installed a 3mm Red LED for brake action. 

The Back Panel:- Installed a new 8 pin Cinch socket & lased cut + label etched cover/mounting plate, New fused IEC 240v socket & earth bolt.

On the Inside:- Replaced the original degraded direction display with a solid plastic version which is illuminated by 4 x 3mm white LED's driven by one of my upgraded yLED-ac PCB's, Installed a New Australian made multi tap transformer, Also installed on of my BDS-35 brake delay PCB's, Fully rewired.  

Fully tested & aligned with the 1102 rotator.

The 1102 Rotator :- Has solenoid activated twin wedge brake system.

Disassembled to the last nut, bolt & screw. Cleaned & checked all parts for damage.

The 4th gear in the drive train was replaced with a new thicker stainless steel version, as the original version is a weak point in these rotators. This new gear (p/n M-49ss) was manufactured for me by ASM Services using laser sintered metal 3D printing process.

All housing & the mast bracket _ clamps were Glass Bead Blasted, followed by Etch Priming then finished off with a top coat epoxy Enamel Silver Hammer Tone.

Most steel brackets & plates have been re-zinc plated, All gear shafts have been affixed to into the main gear chassis. Replaced the control cable socket with New 7 pin LTW version. 

The gears were aligned & shimmed then re-assembled into the refurbished housings with new bearings & new grease through out.

Re-aligned & calibrated to the MSB controller.

240v AC, 24 month warranty.

This unit is also available for exchange, See my web sit for details.
Please contact me Peter of DUORO SERVICES via the embeded email service provided gy VK Classifieds. 

Accessories Included
Mounting Bracket
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