CREATE RC5-1 Rotator Set. NEW

$ 1,200.00

NEW  Rotator & Controller Set :- In original box Includes:- Top mast clamp, Plug & terminals for control cable, GAL mounting & clamping hardware & Manual.
Uses 7 core control cable Not included, sold separately, please view cable available on the rotator spares page of my web site.

Wind Area .............. 1.2 m sq.

Rotation Torque ..... 6.0 kg/m

Brake Torque ......... 80 kg/m

Mast Size ............... 48 ~ 63mm

Rotation Time ........ 75 ~ 110 seconds 360 degrees

Rotator Voltage ..... 28vAC.


The -1 Controller :- NEW. Has variable dial speed control (75 to 110 seconds for 360 degrees)  with a full circle compass display with a single on-off-on manual direction paddle switch.

The RC5 Rotator :- NEW. Has 1/60 worm drive into two stage reduction gearing, all driven by a high torque 28v AC motor.

Able to rotate a full 380 degrees. It has low back lash with high rotation torque & powerful braking without relying on any auxiliary brake mechanism. With a total of only four gears, two of which are made from high tensile steel & the other two are made from zinc alloy, all running on high tensile steel shafts.

230 vAC. 
Contact Peter on 0427 043 054 (NO SMS) or via VK Classifieds email service.

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Everything in original box
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