CDE/HyGain CD-45-DS Rotator Set, Refurbished

$ 500.00

Panel Metered Controller & CD-45 rotator with top mast clamp, hardware, plug for control cable & revised manual.

Wind Area .............. 0.79m Sq.

Rotation Torque .....9.21 Kg/m

Brake Torque ......... 9.21 Kg/m

Mast Size ............... 38 ~ 50mm

Rotation Time ....... 60 second 360 degree

Control Cable ........5 core 

Rotator Voltage .....24vAC.

The DS Panel metered Controller :- Replacement controller for upgraded CD-45 series rotators.

This controller has a single 2 way paddle style direction switch.

Features:- New compact CDE/HyGain PCB with LED power supply on board, Two x 240v transformers (one is a 50va Toroidal), Single two way direction paddle switch, Panel meter is from Kenpro with LED illumination, Fuse on back panel, 6 pin Cinch socket & Stainless steel cover plate, New Calibration POT.

Supplied with new 6 pin Cinch plug. 

The CD-45 Rotator :- Has a friction brake in the motor, assembled from about 70% NEW parts & the rest were refurbish.

The New parts are:- Ham4 motor, POT, Stainless steel folded mast clamp with S/S M6 U-bolts, Gear/motor Chassis, Bearing Ring, Bearings, 5 way screw terminal strip, Most screws bolts nuts & washers etc.  

Most imperial threads have been drilled out & had metric RECOIL's installed.

The motor start CAP was moved to the rotator (saving 2 wires), meaning you can use 5 core control cable.

The NEW motor was stripped down & repaired (polished shaft & fix friction brake etc), then bolted back together.

The gears were shimmed & aligned when installed into the sub chassis with new grease.

Installed new ball bearings & reassembled with new grease through out.

Aligned & Calibrated with the controller.

Includes top mast clamp & mounting hardware.

240vAC. 6 month warranty (extendable to 24 month for an extra $100.00).

This Rotator Set is available for exchange. See details on my web site.
Contact Peter on 0427 043 054 (NO SMS).

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