Assorted Mobile Antenna mounting Hardware etc

Sep 16, 2023
Quantity Available
4  x  02734    "Z" bracket  S/S    $10.00 each
1  x  MB040L  Left  "Z" bracket modified S/S   $5.00 (just found this bracket same as MB039 (R) but left side)
1  x  MB405ss  Re-bent for Jeep Wranger  $10.00
1  x  MB407ss  Standard "Z" bracket   $10.00
2  x  AS004  Spring base for large antennas $40.00ea. (just found these springs)
1  x  830  Black Standard "Z" bracket  $5.00
3  x  858  Long LH S/S "Z" bracket  $5.00 ea
3  x  862  Long RH S/S "Z" bracket  $5.00 ea
2  x  864  Standard S/S "Z" bracket  $5.00 ea
1  x  868R  Long (Commodore/Falcon RH S/S "Z bracket  $5.00
1  x  868L  Long (Commodore/Falcon LH S/S "Z bracket  $5.00  
1  x  874  Standard S/S "L" bracket  $4.00
1  x  880 USED  Wide Horizontal S/S gutter mount  $3.00
1  x  886 USED rebent standard bonnet/boot lid mount $2.00
1  x  887  Long S/S bonnet/boot lid mount  $5.00
1  x  890  S/S wind up window mount  $3.00
4  x  Assorted S/S "L" & "Z" brackets for making up custom brackets $1.00 ea
1  x  USED HD bonnet/boot lid mount $3.00
1  x  P7847 Anderson Power pole H/D handle $3.00
1  x  "Z" bracket 2mm zinc plated  re-bent with extra angle $2.00 (just found this bracket)
2  x  GM7  Plastic gutter mount  $10.00 ea
1  x  GM8  H/D Gutter mount $19.00
1  x  WM1  On-Glass plastic mount with tilt adj.  $8.00

Please contact me Peter of Duoro Services via the embeded email service provided by VK Classifieds.
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Mounting Bracket
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