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RF SOLUTIONS is your local authorised, sole distributor of the SPE EXPERT fully automatic solid state linear power amplifiers - the most technologically advanced in the world with built in antenna tuner.

Launch of the “Third series of SPE EXPERT 1.3K-FA and 1.5K-FA amplifiers”

As is now well known, most of the transceivers on the market today have an issue with a strong spike at the beginning of each transmission, causing damage to both solid-state and some tube amplifiers.

This spike is present, even if you manually reduce the output power on the transceiver.

Amplifiers using LDMOS are particularly susceptible to the spikes, compared to the previous RF power mosfet generation.

In accordance with SPE’s commitment to continuous improvement of our products, we have developed a proprietary circuit which cancels any type of spikes.

This is not a simple clipper but a complex hardware circuit, not a single component, faster than the very fast LDMOS.

Unfortunately, this hardware modification cannot be applied to previous series of the SPE EXPERT amplifiers.

The slowdown of the manufacturing industry and parts availability due to the pandemic has allowed SPE to focus on and complete these upgrades.

All SPE EXPERT amplifiers delivered from September 1st 2021 will be "Third series".

For more details, please contact us on info@rfsolutions.com.au, or on telephone number 07 3264 6443 or visit our website at www.rfsolutions.com.au 
Condition of Item - Commercial
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