DUBUS 2022 - Call for Subscriptions.

$ 48.00
Jan 09, 2022
Gidday All,
                   well... here we are again !
Another horrendous year of social disruptions has passed where the World has endured multiple COVID-19 Lock Downs and the rapid spread of new variants continues.

The impact of COVID-19 delivered us a rather tumultuous 2021 and so... I'm rather pleased to welcome 2022 albeit that COVID-19 is still a major factor with delayed International Mail across the Globe generally !

With the arrival of 2022, I hope our 2021 DUBUS Subscribers have now received all 4 Copies of DUBUS 2021 ?
If not... drop me an Email and I will initiate follow up arrangements.

This Posting is a general “Advisory” to let you know I will soon be sending an Email direct to ALL known past and present VK and ZL DUBUS Subscribers as per the 2021 DUBUS Subscription List.

If you do NOT receive a direct Email from me in a day or so or if you are NOT already a DUBUS Subscriber and wish to be... please chase me up with an Email.

DUBUS Subscriptions for 2022 are now due !!!

Once again I have good news... I have been advised by the Global Distribution Manager for DUBUS that 2022 DUBUS Subscriptions will remain the same as last year.

This year’s 2022 DUBUS Subs will be $AUD48/$NZD50 - for 4 off Editions Air Mailed direct to your door. The above $pricing includes Postage.

Past TECHNIK's compilations have also been held at $Au45 each.
We still have available TECKNIK 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17. Pre Orders for the latest TECHNIK 18 are still being taken by me.

Complete sets of past DUBUS are also still available for $Au45 each Year.

Many thanks,

Alan Devlin – VK3XPD.

VK/ZL DUBUS Subscriptions Representative.
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