Wavemeter AWA Transmitter short range (working)

$ 100.00
This is an AWA manufactured Wavemeter from WW2 type R7647. It covers the frequency range 1470 Kcs to 10.260 Mcs in 3 bands. In the days before frequency counters and accurate signal generators, it was normally used to set the frequency of a transmitter or receiver. It operated from 6 volts DC with a vibrator pack. This one has a 240 volt AC mains power supply. It can be used to transmit program material, from a tape recorder or FM radio, to any other AM radio receiver, over a short distance. So you can send your WW2 programs to your broadcast AM radio or your short wave receiver. Just plug it into the phones jack. It requires about 1 volt peak to peak (about 0 dBm) from your source, to modulate it at about 30% modulation. The audio output transformer has been moved to the grid of the 6J8, and an RFC put where it was located. It only transmits now. The modification inside is reversible. It is working. The manual is here...  http://www.tuberadio.com/robinson/Manuals/Wavemeter_Class_C.pdf
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