Buddipole Deluxe System plus Extras

$ 900.00
Feb 25, 2024

I originally purchased the Buddipole Deluxe antenna kit and progressively purchased additional accessories that allowed the original system to be configured in many more ways, specifically adding the capability to tune 80M band (with the larger coil) and also to make various size yagi antennas for both HF and VHF/UHF bands.

I also added additional telescopic whips both short (1.7m) and long (2.8m), plus extension arms also short (550mm) and long (830mm), as well as two folding capacitance hats.

You will note the blue rings on each of the coils. I found the moveable clip arrangement that Buddipole uses is cumbersome and prone to losing the clips and damaging the coil from over tightening. I reconfigured the moveable clips to a sliding contact arrangement that gives rapid and continuous adjustment without wear and tear on the coil. The contact point in the ring is made of Beryllium Copper.
If you prefer the clip approach, it is very easy to remove the blue sliding ring and re-attach the moveable clip directly to the coil.

The large low band coil extends the lower range of the Buddipole system to the 80M band.

The complete list of parts/components is as follows, with quantities shown in brackets.

Standard deluxe Kit comes with the following:
Versatee (1)
Rotating Arm Kit (1)
Antenna Arm 550mm (2)
Telescopic Whip 1.7m (3)
RG-58 Coax Cable Feeder with integral choke (~8m)
Counterpoise Adapter (1)
Telescopic Mast 5m (1)
Mast Guying Kit (1)
Long Carry Bag (1)

Extra pieces added to Standard Deluxe Kit:
A second Versatee (1)
Antenna Arm 550mm (2)
Antenna Arm 830mm (2)
Rotating Arm Kit (1)
Folding Capacitance Hats (2)
Telescopic Whip 1.7m (3)
Telescopic Whip 2.8m (4)
Low Band Coil (1)
IT Adapter (3)
IT Collar (2)
Radial (with wire holder) (1)
Switchable Balun (MFJ) (1)
300 Ohm Balanced Line Feeder (~10m)
RF Choke w SO-239 (for higher frequencies) (1)
Total parts cost is well over A$2,000

All of this equipment fits into the Buddipole carry bag which makes it very convenient for portable work. Throw the bag into the boot and you have just about every possible antenna configuration available covering HF/VHF/UHF bands.
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