7 + 3 Band HF Cobweb Antenna now available

$ 449.50
Jan 18, 2023

7+3 Band Cobweb Antenna  

10 meter to 40 meter bands. Because of its low SWR, can be tuned (with the use of an antenna tuner) to 60, 80 and 160 meter bands.

7 Bands are 7,10,14,18,21,24,29,Mhz  Added frequencies with antenna tuner are 1.8, 3.6 and 5 Mhz. At the lower bands, make sure you are operating at an SWR of less than 2

This cobweb antenna is constructed from fiber glass tube, and stainless steel. Laser cut stainless steel plate. Stainless steel springs. 

Clearly labelled for easy construction



Max Power 1000W Watts P.E.P  for SSB and CW

Max Power 300 Watts P.E.P  for FT8, FM, AM, FSK

6dBi Gain

Frequency                        SWR
7MHz                .......             1.11
10.14MHz         .......             1.5
14.26MHz            .......          1
18.01MHz            .......          1.04
21.31MHz            .......          1.15
24.85MHz            .......          1.24
29.57MHz            .......          1.29

Antenna size is 5m x 5m
Antenna weight: 8.5 kg
This antenna should be kept 7 meters or more above the ground, or rooftop. The efficiency will drop if below 7 -  5 meters. It should also be kept 5 meters away from buildings.

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