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Feb 07, 2023
Hello All

Avalable for sale I have a Kessler CX-AUTO antenna switch - full info on this top end product can be found at this link:
The all 5 star reviews on eham can be viewed here

In a nutshell  this switch is rated at 2kw cw keydown and is 1 radio to 8 antennas - or seems to be reversible - ie 8 radios to 1 antenna. It can also be used for antenna arrays as it is possible to select any combination of antenna ports of which there are around 256 different combinations - ie you may wants antenna ports 1,2,3 and 4 to be live at the one time and the remaining 4 grounded.

It is a US manufactured product and retails for about US$350 or thereabouts 

Brief summary

The CX-AUTO is an 8-output remotely controlled coaxial switch which features an embedded microprocessor and is intended as a companion product for the AT-AUTO automatic antenna tuner, with any Flex radio via DDUtil software or can be used stand alone with any radio or software that issues Icom civ commands. The CX-AUTO enables selection of any 1-of-8 coaxial outputs and receives selection commands via a serial data interface. When interfaced with an AT-AUTO, the tuner may be configured to associate any of the CX-AUTO's 8 coaxial outputs with an amateur radio band and to automatically command the CX-AUTO to select that particular coaxial output when QSYing to that band.
The CX-AUTO command syntax adheres to the Icom CI-V serial command protocol and is fully PC controllable, without the need for an AT-AUTO. In addition to the CI-V interface, the CX-AUTO also features an RS-422 serial data interface for those applications where the CX-AUTO is to be located well away from the hamshack.
The CX-AUTO is normally powered via a front-panel DC power connector, but DC power may also be supplied via coax.

Price is $249 plus actual shipping cost in VK
Paul - vk4ma
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