CCARC Mayham 2022

$ 15.00
Nov 15, 2021
A huge wall of text incoming, but it's worth it.

Central Coast Amateur Radio Club MayHam 2022

1st May 2022.

Pending Covid limitations:
This is a tentative date at the moment.
Gates open 8:30 AM.

Traders, exhibitors and car boot sellers who will be lining up on Howarth Street for entry, We ask that you park to the left of the road as to not block traffic both on roadway and entry gates.

That also means don't park your way right into the entry gates with your ute and trailer completely blocking the road and the gate itself. (Remember it is a public road)

Also, No. you won't be let in early.

The gates open at 6:00 AM

The selling of items begins at 8:30 AM, Not before.

Those acting in a threatening or abusive manner will be denied entry. Don't be that person.

General entry:

Entry gates open 8:30 am for CCARC MayHam 2022

Entry is $15 for adults, Under 18 free.

Single Car plus 1 entry pass $30

Single car and trailer plus 1 entry pass $40

Utes plus 1 entry pass $40

Vans and small trucks plus 1 entry pass $50

Entry for any additional persons at $15 each

Bottom gate / general public entry is via Cash or contactless payment.

Car boot sales will be in the main undercover area, Find your Trash, Find your Treasure, Find your "brand new in the box items"*

*note the statement "Brand new in the box" is the responsibility of the seller and buyer, CCARC Mayham and its representatives are not liable for the items sold at this event.

Traders are located in the Air-conditioned marquee.

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