CREATE RC5-1 Rotator Set. NEW

$ 1,200.00

NEW  Rotator & Controller Set :- In original box Includes:- Top mast clamp, Plug & terminals for control cable, GAL mounting & clamping hardware & Manual. Uses 7 core control cable not supplied & sold separately, please view cable available on the rotator spares page.

Wind Area .............. 1.2 m sq.

Rotation Torque ..... 6.0 kg/m

Brake Torque ......... 80 kg/m

Mast Size ............... 48 ~ 63mm

Rotation Time ........ 75 ~ 110 seconds 360 degrees

Rotator Voltage ..... 28vAC.


The -1 Controller :- NEW. Has variable dial speed control (75 to 110 seconds for 360 degrees)  with a full circle compass display with a single on-off-on manual direction paddle switch.

The RC5 Rotator :- NEW. Has 1/60 worm drive into two stage reduction gearing, all driven by a high torque 28v AC motor.

Able to rotate a full 380 degrees. It has low back lash with high rotation torque & powerful braking without relying on any auxiliary brake mechanism. With a total of only four gears, two of which are made from high tensile steel & the other two are made from zinc alloy, all running on high tensile steel shafts.

230 vAC. 

Accessories Included
Everything in original box
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