US Navy backpack - for spraying liquids (WW2)

$ 100.00
Jan 06, 2022
This is some sort of backpack, that holds a rubber bladder, and appears to be a spraying or oiling device. There is an inlet and an outlet connector. So it appears as though you fill it with some liquid, put it on your back, then walk around applying it to something. There is a triangular squeezing device, that applies pressure to the bladder. The frame has two D rings so that can attach shoulder straps. It has a US Navy stamp on top. The paint is scuffed, but it appears to be new. This came from a military store that was being shut down. It also has some spare parts with it. A triangulat pressing lever, a new bladder, a metal hose, and a few brakets. It is probably World War 2 vintage. It may be incomplete.
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