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Classified CREATE RC5-1 Rotator Set. NEW.

<span style="color: #ff9900;"><strong><span style="color: #ff0000;">NEW.</span> Rotator & Controller Set </strong>:-</span>Has Dial speed control. Top Mast clamp, rotator plug & terminals for controller, GAL mounting &...

1 Year Warranty, Create, rc5 1, Worm Drive $875 1 w, 4 d
Classified EMOTATOR 1102MSX Rotator set.

<span style="color: #ff9900;"><strong>Refurbished & Upgraded.</strong></span> Includes top triple clamping self centering mast clamp, plugs for control cable. <strong> <span style="color: #00ff00;">Wind Area ................

1102msx, Emotator, Rotator Controller $700 1 w, 3 d
Classified EMOTATOR 103LBX Rotator Set Refurbished & Upgraded

<strong>Rotator With Standard Panel Meter Controller, Refurbished & Upgraded ETC. </strong>Includes top mast clamp, plug for control cable, IEC power lead plus revisied manual. Wind Area......................0.5m Sq Rotation...

Emotator, Rotator Controller $350 2 w, 0 d
Classified MC-1219+AP Mast Clamp & Adaptor Plate Assembly

Aluminium Adaptor Plate designed for the heavy duty MC-1219 mast clamp. This NEW adaptor Plate & refurbished MC11219 mast clamp will fit most 120mm dia by 6 bolt mounting pattern & will accept mast from 50 ~ 80mm dia. ie Emotator 747, 750,...

Mast Clamp, Rotator Refurbishing $400 1 w, 0 d
Classified CDE/HyGain T2X (TailTwister). Basic Refurbishment.

Base Refurbishment & Service Rotator Set. <span style="color: #00ff00;"><strong>Specs.</strong></span> <span style="color: #00ff00;"><strong>Wind Area.................1.8m Sq.</strong></span> <span style="color:...

Cde, Controller, Hygain, Rotator, t2x, Tail Twister $450 1 w, 0 d
Classified MC1219AP Adaptor Plate for the MC-1219 mast clamps

NEW All aluminium adaptor plate for the Heavy Duty MC-1219 (#1219) mast clamps. This replaces the steel EMOTATOR (#453) universal coupling (wobble plate). This NEW adaptor plate was designed for the MC-1219 mast clamp so it can fit any 6 bolt...

$175 1 w, 0 d
Classified EMOTATOR MC-1219 (#1219) Heavy Duty Mast Clamp set

<strong>Refurbished. Mast Clamp for 1200, 1300 Emotator rotators.</strong> These heavy duty mast clamps were original designed for the extra large 1500 & 1800 rotators from Emotator. For these mast clamps to fit the smaller 120mm dia...

Mast Clamp, Rotator $250 1 w, 0 d
Classified CREATE CK-46 (NEW) Mast Bearing

NEW Mast Bearing for above rotator. <p><span style="font-family: arial, helvetica, sans-serif;">The CK-46 is a revolutionary new type of mast (thrust) bearing, that is a brake away from the standard notions of the past. Advanced engineering...

Ck 46, Create, Mast Bearing, Thrust Bearing $130 1 w, 0 d

FOR SALE ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND. (Stored inside warehouse @ Arndell Park 2148, west of Sydney). <strong>NEW, Never Installed & has never been outside. </strong><span style="color: #ff0000;"><span style="color: #000000;">Here we...

Lay Over Mast, Mast $1,000 1 w, 0 d
Classified COMPUTATOR CT-1000MC Mast clamp NOS

<strong>NEW OLD STOCK Mast Clamp in very good condition, for the very rare CompuTator CT-1000 rotator.</strong> Includes 4 x M10x75mm stainless steel clamping bolts etc. The CompuTator rotator is very rare, not much info is out there on them...

Mast Clamp, Rotator $159 1 w, 0 d
Classified Kenpro KR-800/1000 or Yaesu G-800/1000 Top Housing

TOP HOUSING FOR  KR-800/1000  or  G-800/1000  in good  condition. All mast mounting holes have had RECOIL thread  inserts installed. As one mounting hole  was stripped,  other than that  this...

$95 1 w, 0 d
Classified Kenpro KR-800/Yaesu G-800 MOTOR & GEAR ASSEMBLY

Refurbished & in very good condition motor & gear assembly for Kenpro KR-800 or Yaesu G-800. Has been completely stripped down, cleaned & reassembled with new grease through out, ready to be install into housing. Contact Peter of DUORO...

$200 1 w, 0 d
Classified CDE HAM 2 Rotator & Controller

<strong>CDE HAM2 Rotator & Controller; Refurbished & Upgraded with 24 month warranty. </strong>Includes;- Top mast clamp & hardware, plugs for control cable,IEC power lead + revised manual. <span style="color:...

Cde, ham2, Rotator Refurbishing $750 5 d, 6 h
Classified HyGain CD45 Rotator & Duoro DS-4g Controller

<strong>New upgraded CD-45 rotator & New replacement DS-4g panel metered controller.</strong> <span style="color: #00ff00;"><strong>Wind Area.....................0.79m Sq. Rotation Torque............6.91...

Cd 45, Duoro Services, Hygain, Rotator Controller $550 2 w, 0 d
Classified 72 x PROCELL 'D' size 1.5v Alkaline Batteries

72 x DURAELL Professional Alkaline 'D" size 1.5volt batteries (PC1300) <strong>NEW Unopened BOX, contains 6 cartons x 12 batteries = 72 battries</strong> Purchased from a warehouse cleanout. These cells are <strong>NEW & only sold as...

D Size 15v Batteries, Duracell, lr20, pc1300, Procell $50 1 w, 3 d
Classified SIDE MOUNT BRACKETS for Rotator & Mast Bearing

<strong><span style="color: #0000ff;">DUORO SMB65ssB & SMB65ssR SIDE MOUNT BRACKETS (platforms).</span> <span style="color: #ff0000;">PRICE IS FOR ONE BRACKET ONLY.</span> </strong>Each bracket is made for 3mm stainless...

$275 1 w, 0 d
Classified Rotator :-SALES, SERVICE, REPAIRS & SPARES etc

I service, repair, refurbish & upgrade most ROTATOR's. I also have NEW, REFURBISHED & USED Spare Parts available. For:- CREATE, DAIWA, EMOTATOR, KENPRO, CDE/HyGain & more. Authorised Dealer & Offical Service Centre for CREATE...

Rotator Refurbishing, Rotator Repairs, Rotator Servicing, Rotator Spares, Rotator Upgrades $0 1 w, 0 d
Classified GC-048 6 bolt, MAST CLAMP for Kenpro/Yaesu

<strong>NEW, 6 Bolt Clamping Mast Clamp Suit Large Rotators from KENPRO & YAESU.</strong> KENPRO:- KR-2000, KR-2300, KR-2700/HR-2700. YAESU:- G-2300, G-2700 & G-2800. Will also fit other Kenpro & Yaesu models.

$129 1 w, 0 d
Classified GC-038 Mast Clamp For KENPRO, DAIWA & YAESU

NEW Mast Clamp & hardware. For:- YAESU ~ G-400, G-600, G-800 & G-1000. Will also fit:- KENPRO ~ KR-400 & KR-600. As well as:- DAIWA ~ DR-7500 & DR-7600

$89 1 w, 0 d
Classified NEW RF PLUGS, SOCKETS etc. 2 for the price of one

Cleareance sale.  Get two for the price of one, (minimum QTY 10). Normally $5.00 each. <strong>Qty Prices Any 10 for $25 or 20 for $45 or 30 for $60 or 40 for $70.00 or 50 for $75.00 etc.</strong> Bundle or mix & match any of the...

Bnc, N Socket, Rf Adaptors Etc N Pl, Rf Plugs, Rf Sockets, Tnc $5 2 d, 19 h
Classified Wanted Rotators & Parts etc:- Dead or Broken etc

<strong>Rotators & Controllers etc Wanted, Dead or Alive, Broken, unwanted for spare parts. Don't throw it in the bin, throw it my way, will pay for it & postage if needed.  AIGA, ALINCO, CDE, COMPUTATOR, CREATE, DAIWA, EMOTATOR,...

$0 1 w, 0 d
Classified MORE NEW PLUGS & SOCKETS. 2 for the price of one

Clearance Sale. Get two for the pice of one (minimum order 10). normally $5.00 each. <strong>Buy Quantity & SAVE:- 10 for $25 or 20 for $45 or 30 for $60 or 40 for $70 or 50 for $75.</strong> Bundle or mix & match any of the below...

Rf Plugs, Rf Sockets (Jacks), rg213 Coax $5 1 w, 3 d