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Several months back I posted an ad here looking for a talking multimeter. I managed to find a new (unused but about 25 year old) Micronta 22-164 on another site. This was fantastic but it had a limited current range and no ability to measure...


HP8924C HP8935 HP test sets
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Hi all. Starting to clear the shack of unused equipment. I have two test sets to dispose of. 1:\ HP8924C cdma test set. 30-1000mhz usable below 10mhz. 60w input attenuator. This set is in good working order and has some burns on the crt but hard...


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Capable of a massive range of impedance , reactance measurements for all such situations including antennae. Lots of useful information included. New price was 400.00 Age forces reluctant sale.

Newest Auctions in Meters/Test Equipment


3 NF NF Attenuators, 15, 15 and 30dB, Working
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3 NF NF Attenuators, 15, 15 and 30dB, tested and working, in non-original box. Good to about 3GHz.  Bid price is for the lot of 3.  Local pickup from near Camberwell Junction, VIC or the storage location. I can post the attenuators...

time left: 3 d, 6 hr


HP 3495A Scanner, Untested
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HP 3495A scanner, turns on but otherwise untested.   Local pickup from near Camberwell Junction, VIC or the storage location. This is way too big to post.

time left: 1 d, 3 hr


Two Faulty HP 436A Power Meters
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Two faulty HP 436a power meters. Each has many faults. If you think you will get one going out of the two well good luck to you because these are the ones I have used for board jockying to repair a few others. Starting price is for the pair. ...

time left: 2 d, 4 hr


Faulty HP 5335A Frequency Counter
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Faulty HP 5335A counter, I think the fault is a missing ROM or part of the processor or something like that os maybe the smaplers still work. Perhaps. Possibly. And maybe the oven if it has one.    Local pickup from near Camberwell...

time left: 2 d, 4 hr


Two Keithley 706 Scanners, One Untested
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Two Keithley 706 scanners, one with 3 7055 modules and turns on, the other one with no modules and untested. The untested one is so because the rear panel says it is set to 110V and I haven't checked that yet so have not plugged it in.  ...

time left: 1 w, 2 d


Faulty Schlumberger 4002 Signal Generator
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Faulty Schlumberger 4002 signal generator, turns on but has error messages. Will not accept a frequency above 1GHz so it is only a 1GHz version. Very clean inside. I have not tried to fix it and have not found any information on it...

time left: 1 w, 1 d