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75 Ohm Co-axial Cable Wanted 75 Ohm Co-axial Cable Wanted Brett VK2WWV is looking for Belden 8213 foam dielectric 75 Ohm co-axial cable. Also known as RG-11/U.  A requirement is for the cable to have a specified velocity factor of .84 for his application. Maybe you have a part roll surplus. If you... 75, Antenna, Belden 8213, Co Axial Cable $0
President Adams 40 ch cb & more President Adams 40 ch cb & more Chasing for a great vk mate of mine,  President Trump cb radio Ok just kidding  President Adams in good Condition All orig bits would be great but possibly a little unrealistic  Even if its overseas , happy to buy in for this... $0
Wanted - 23cm Radio Hello, I am looking for a 23cm radio. Prefer 10 watt with SSB, multi band radio with 23cm also ok. Not too sure whats out there, if you have anything call or email me. 0410 719 545. Cheers, Markus VK6OC $0
WANTED YAESU FP-757 HD POWER SUPPLY WANTED YAESU FP-757 HD POWER SUPPLY Hi there I'm on the hunt for a yaesu FP-757 HD  power supply you know if it's the H.D version becouse the speaker grill will be blue. If you have one sitting around and you would like to sell it please get in touch Thankyou rob $0
Desktop charger Icom Desktop charger Icom Hi to all... I am after a Icom Desktop battery charger. The model BC-202 for use with a ID-31 or ID-51 If you have one and like to sell it tell me Regards Art (VK4GO) $0
MFJ-212 Matchmaker I'm looking for one if these gadgets for a project. Do you have one lying in a drawer unused?  Must be in good working order and cosmetic condition. Let me know what you'd like for it, including postage down to Hobart 7000 and let me see some... $0
WANTED ATUS 120A ANTENNA WANTED ATUS 120A ANTENNA Hi there im on the hunt for a atus 120a antenna. If you have a good one you would like to sell just drop me a email Thanks rob. $0
TS520 crystals A long shot - seeking a 40 m oscillator crystal for a TS520 I am restoring (15.895 Mhz) as well as an LSB crystal - the unit is old and the crystals are tired !! $0
WANTED - Shure 444/450 or Kenwood MC-50 mic Wanted - Shure 444/444D/450 or Kenwood MC-50 desk microphone in good working condition for use on a boat anchor radio. Please email me at vk6vz@arach.net.au with details of the microphone and your price. Thank you! Vy 73 Steve, VK6VZ $0
AUTEK WM-1 I'm after a AUTEK WM-1 Computing Wattmeter. Tell me what you've got. I will do bank transfer or PayPal unless it's local then cash will be paid VK ONLY PLEASE -
Repeater Site Hi Folks I'm seeking a repeater site in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne This is to extend the coverage of VK3RDQ 2 mtr repeater The repeater is a fusion / digital and analogue system with an attached Echolink node Of course I... Repeater $0
Yaesu FT-7900R 144-148/ 430-450 Dual Band FM TX Yaesu FT-7900R 144-148/ 430-450 Dual band Mobile FM TX Wanted If you also have the manual/ Box that would be good-Thanks -
Manson Power Supply SPA-8330 13.8V 33A Wanted Manson Power Supply wanted SPA-8330 13.8V 33A and if you have the manual/box as well that would be good- Thanks -
Michrophone Wanted, Kenwood MC-50 or MC-60, Desk microphone,For TS430 radio Mc 50 Or Mc 60 $0
Wanted ic7100 will swap as new ic7000 Wanted ic7100 will swap as new ic7000 Wanted for remote rig operation, an icom ic7100 ... I have an as new ic7000 in the box and in excellent condition to swap.   Call brenton on 0418 844700 or email brenton@posnav.com.a u $0
Wanted: Buddipole and/or parts, MFJ Whip I am looking for a used Buddipole or any related parts that you may have such as coils or whips etc. Let me know if you have anything like this and how much you would like for it along with the details etc. Also, I would be interested in MFJ... $0
J.I.L. SX-400 scanner/receiver J.I.L. SX-400 scanner/receiver <strong>WANTED: </strong>J.I.L. SX-400 receiver/scanner in at least great condition, with no faults. Let me know what you have, and pix of your unit required (not pix off the web). Damien VK3RX $0
Wanted HF/6m/2m Radio Looking for an Icom IC-7400 or IC-746Pro, or possibly another Kenwood TS-2000 as second rig to my existing TS-2000. Prefer seller to be in Melbourne (within 200kms) to inspect and local pick-up. Ring David 0438 393 474 -
KR 600RC Controller KR Elevation Controller Prepared to pay a fair price for these two items if you happen to have them spare thank you VK2TWR Also Kr 500 Elevatio $200
3D Printer 3D Printer Hi to all... I just order a new Balco 3D printer from DSE Now I am looking for a person who have one or someone getting it also. I will using the free Cura software If you like to chat in Skype is great, so we can exchanging knowledge Skype... -