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WANTED - FLUKE 8010A WANTED - FLUKE 8010A Hi All, I'm looking for a nice FLUKE 8010A in nice condition for my collection. Prefer a unit in nice physical condition Fully functional 230V model Good LCD screen With carry handle If you have one of these that you are not using, I would... $0
SWAP IC7300 for YAESU FT1200 I was fortunate to win an Icom IC7300 at the WIA Conference AGM last year - I really like the rig but my station is setup for Yaesu - interfaces etc etc  Wondering if anyone was interested in swapping a FTDX1200 for the IC7300 - used on FT8... $0
WANTED YAESU FC-102 ANTENNA TUNER WANTED YAESU FC-102 ANTENNA TUNER Wanted to purchase in good or better condition a Yaesu FC-102 Antenna Tuner $0
Circuit for Philips PPS15 power supply Has anyone out there got the curcuit diagram (PDF) for a Philips PPS15 Rack mount power supply please. Thanks Doug VK4DMB. VK4DMB@gmail.com $0
Diamond CP-610 Diamond CP-610 Diamond CP-610 10/6m antenna wanted $0
Wanted Valve Transmitter & Receiver or Transceiver Looking for an old valve Transceiver or seperate transmitter / Receiver e.g. Collins “S” line etc. Must be complete, in good cosmetic & working condition. email me with what you have and best time and number to call so we can... $0
Wanted Icom UX-910 23 cm module working Wanted used ICOM Ux910   23 cm module for ic910h   in working condition ux910 $0
FTS-8 Tone Squelch Unit for Yaesu FT-4700RH I'm looking for one or two FTS-8 Tone Squelch Encoder/Decoder for my old Yaesu FT-4700RH Transceiver. Please contact Claus, VK4AS on 07 55469205. Ctcss Tones, Decoder, Tone Module, Tone Squelch $0
Looking for a Ten-Tec Eagle Looking for a Ten-Tec Eagle Hi, You might be thinking of selling your Eagle to upgrade to a later type SDR radio... and I might be interesting in buying it. Looking for a TT Eagle with (ideally) optional filters and tuner, let me know if you want to part with yours and... Various 0
WANTED Icom IC-7600 WANTED Icom IC-7600 WANTED.... After being pestered by a friend to buy my IC7600, I thought I would see if there may be an upgrader out there who would like to part with their IC7600 to a good home. You can contact me via messages or SMS to 0427257002. Thanks Andrew $123
Wanted Kenwood TS-2000 in good excellent condition Hi all i am looking to buy a Kenwood TS-2000  Show me what you have and a Price Thanks for looking $0
BC-139 DROP IN CHARGER. Looking for a drop in charger BC-139, FOR A ICOM IC-T90A H/H. Cheers. 0498722797. $0
Wanted: Kenwood TS130V in good order Wanted to buy: Kenwood TS-130V in good working order, undamaged & from non-smoker environment. $0
Wanted Barlow Wadely XCR30 receiver and others! Hi   I am looking for a Barlow Wadely XCR30 portable SW receiver.  Happy to buy a non working radio also.  Also on the lookout for other receivers both portable and desktop models, let me know what you have.  I can pay by... Barlow Wadely, xcr30 $1
Wanted 10GHz ATV Transmitter & Receiver Wanted 10 GHz Amateur TV transmitter and receiver for ATV repeater uplink. Commercial or home brew built.  Will pay a fair price for gear in good working order. 10ghz, Atv $123
Wanted Realistic CB 18ch with Phone as pictured. Wanted Realistic CB 18ch with Phone as pictured. Hi, I am chasing particlulary the Realistic radio pictured, but we are busy buying a load of CBs every week right now for a collection we are proposing to exhibit. If you have anything CB related, it can be 18,23 or 40ch, it can be 10/11 metre,... $1,234,567
Morse code keys <p>Looking for two different types of morse code/telegraph keys. 1. Straight key made by Postal Workshops Melbourne. This is on a black bakelite base and has a           wt8amp key mounted on it. The... Twotypes $0
WANTED MECOGRAPH MORSE KEY WANTED MECOGRAPH MORSE KEY WANTED   MECOGRAPH  semi automatic Morse code key similar to that shown in the picture. May consider any other model of Mecograph or Australian semi auto morse key. Mecograph $0
SWAP Yaesu FT-818ND FOR ICOM IC-703 OR IC-703+ SWAP Yaesu FT-818ND FOR ICOM IC-703 OR IC-703+ Hi All Swap I have a Yaesu FT-818ND with a YF-122S filter and LDG Z817 Antenna tuner and I would like to swap for an ICON IC-703 or ICON IC-703plus Please email me with detailes Thank you VK4HY Ft 818nd Icom Ic 703 $0
Wanted - SG-237 or 239 G'day all looking for a  SG-237 or 239 let me know if you have one to sell. cheers $0
Codan 7515 / 7727 with LSB Wanted:  Just putting the need out there for an old Codan 7515 / 7727 fitted with a LSB filter...   LSB filter by itself would be fantastic too.. David VK2CZ Various 0
Wanted Phillips FM321 70cm transceiver-$$$$$$$$$$$ Wanted Phillips FM321 70cm transceiver-$$$$$$$$$$$ Hi, looking for an old 70cm transceiver, the Philips FM321. Would love to find one in good condition, but will fix the one you may have if not working. I have the FM320/620/650 and we thought we had a FM321, but searching through hundreds of... $99,999,999.99
WTB: Marconi 2019 or 2019A Sig Gen WTB: Marconi 2019 or 2019A Sig Gen I am looking for an AM /FM wide range synthesised Sig Gen capable of about 2v output. If anyone has an old Marconi 2019 or 2019a or similar they are happy to part with I would be keen. I am aware that many synth sig gens from this era are becoming... Signal Generator $0
Wanted: Sony ICF-2001D/2010 shortwave radio Wanted: Sony ICF-2001D/2010 shortwave radio Looking for a Sony ICF-2001D/2010 portable shortwave receiver in good working condition. This will be used on overseas trips for SW and MW dxing. Thank you. Chris VK3CDR $0
Wanted Dick Smith Catalogs required for Signing Wanted Dick Smith Catalogs required for Signing We are looking for everyone to go through their radio drawers, pull it all out, blow the dust off, and see if there are any Dick Smith Catalogs/Special Sheets/Books in the drawer.  We have a bundle of Dick Smith memorabilia that we will be... $0
Wanted.. kenwood 6m transverter to rig cabling Wanted.. kenwood 6m transverter to rig cabling Wanted  Cable for kenwood 6m transverter to radio. Transverter has plug per picture. Any help appreciated. Thanks. $2,321
Yaesu FT 747GX for parts Wanted Yaesu 747gx for spare parts $50