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Alpha delta Coax switch wanted Alpha delta Coax switch wanted I'm chasing an Alpha Delta Model ASC-4B or -4N  4 position coax switch please. I can get one from the US but would like to try and find locally if possible first.  Can you help ? $0
WANTED: Kenwood PS-430 Power Supply WANTED: Kenwood PS-430 Power Supply Hello, I am on the Hunt for a Kenwood Power Supply. Model Number PS-430, I am looking for one in Excellent Condition at a Reasonable/Realistic Price considering its age & type of Supply. May also consider a NON-Working Supply, As long... $0
WANTED: IP PLATE CURRENT METER FOR FL-2100Z Gday all, I'm looking for a spare IP plate current meter for a Yaesu FL-2100Z. If you have one thats not needed let me know. Many thanks, Tom VK3EO $0
7.5 Volt C.T. filament xfmr 21 Amp I'm looking for a 7.5 V centre-tapped filament transformer rated at 21 Amp for a homebrew linear amplifier using an Eimac 3-1000Z tube. Please let me know if you might have something suitable so we can negotiate a deal. Thanks, Leigh VK5KLT... -
Yaesu FTdx-401 information: model variations Hello...I have what I believe to be an uncommon factory-equipped variation of the classic FTdx-401 transceiver, and would like to know more about it, how many were produced and who else out there has one the same. Just the FTdx-401 please, NOT the... $0
Wanted, RRC-1258MkIIs Hi all, before i buy new, does anyone have a set of RRC-1258MkIIs they are not using and are wanting to sell? VK6 seller prefered but will be in VK2 all of next week thanks for reading $0
Collins KWM-2A Looking for a KWM-2A in good condition. Prefer local VK3. 0498722797. $0
Telequipment D 75 /D 76 CRO parts wanted Telequipment D 75 / D 76 CRO parts wanted Complete Non Working $0
Wanted - SteppIR EHU Hi I'm in need of a SteppIR passive Element Housing Unit (EHU). One of mine has failed due to water ingress. Trying my luck here before I contact the manufacturer Regards, Andy  VK4KY $1
Turner +2 or +3 microphone I have been pondering the use of vintage amplified mics and would like to experiment with an old Turner plus 2 or 3 (or clone) to use with vintage equipment. The mic elements apparently can deteriorate quite a bit over time so I don't feel inclined... Microphone $0
JPS NIR 10 or 12 I am looking for a JPS Noise Reduction unit in good working condition Noise Reduction Unit -
APRS TNC Looking for these items/ITEM T3-135 by ARGENT MFJ or KPC T2 with APRS and DIGI any good made up reliable digi TNC for WIA SERG project and is mildly urgent as the one I had ina  DR135T died. Will consider complete 25 watts radio on... Alinco t3 t2 Tiny 2 $50
Signalink USB Wanted, your now unused Signalink USB, ideally with a TS2000 radio cable and supplied accessories. Prefer pick up & pay Melbourne area. Russ 0431 234 315 $0
Amplifier Wanted Hi Folks I am after a good amplifier for 10/11 meters. Prefer solid state. 10 Meters, Amplifier, Hf, Linear $0
wanted Looking for tech info (eg circuit diagram/manual) for Switchtec E2732 24v @ 50a rectifier power supply, as was used in anologue TV transmitters. -
Wanted GARC 3.4GHZ Panels Hi and thanks for looking. I'm after some panels to convert to 3.4GHZ as per the GARC design. I'm happy to take converted, unconverted or partially done etc. If not converted I would need 2 x panels, but prefer to build 2 complete units so >3... $0
Part for BATHTUB Morse key Require one round wire screw terminal for a Bathtub Morse key only. thank you and 73 -
Schematics Codan 9360 Looking for schematics for the Codan 9360. Anyone got PDFs of this or similar Thanks $0
30v@ 50a min Still looking for a 30v@ 50a min. Possibly a refugee from an old analogue TV transmitter. Needed to power an old Collins GRC-19. Previous promising sources have all come to nought! -
WANTED HIGH POWER 2M LINEAR AMPLIFIER In need of HIGH POWER 2M LINEAR AMPLIFIER in good to very good condition with manual, leads and other accessaries High Power 2m Linear $0
WANTED Pearse Simpson supermod 2 desk mic WANTED Pearse Simpson supermod 2 desk mic Hi there im on the hunt for a  Pearse Simpson supermod 2 desk mic for my cb radio. If you have one you would like to sell Please text me on 0499987622 As my e mail is not working Thankyou rob $0
Cathode Ray tube socket for VCR97 To be used in radar display unit Crt Socket With 12 P -
HV transformer Hello, I'm looking for  transformer for my next project: 240 V 50 Hz single phase primary... secondary 1000- 1200V  @ minimum 0.7 A. Any type - E-I, toroidal.. etc. any termination.. or just leads. open or enclosed.. any baby will make... $0
Panoramic Adaptor Panoramic Adaptor Looking for a Pan adaptor ..ex Military ,similar or other brand... In reasonable condition. working with hand book , circuit... Must have an IF input of 455KHz Thanks ...VK2AJP -
Collins. KWM-2A. Looking for a KWM-2A in good condition. No email. Local vk3. Cheers.0498722797. $0
Seeking IC2-KL or similar solid-state HF amp Seeking IC2-KL or similar solid-state HF amp Looking for an Icom IC2-KL or similar quality solid state VK legal limit 160m-10m amp. Please no RM, etc.  Thanks :) 73 de VK2AAF $0
TH3DX or similar wanted to buy A Hy-gain TH3DX or similar Antenna in good condition with all parts and fittings wanted, th3dx Or Similar In $0