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WANTED - Programming Help Kydera DM8600 Hello, Has anyone out there have & programmed a Kydera DM-8600 DMR HT. The issue I am having is that I cannot read the radios, For some reason I cant work it out. Kydera themselves sent me a codeplug file which I can write to the radio,... $0
WANTED - MFJ 1263 Microphone Switch WANTED - MFJ 1263 Microphone Switch Hello, On the hunt again, Loking for a MFJ 1263 Microphone switching Unit, Been looking on & off for one of these for a while now... Dont need cables or any accessoies, Just want it in excellent condition & working. $0
WTB - RT Systems Software for Icom and Yaesu Does anyone have the following programming software that they are not using - just checking before forking out a fortune for US postage! Wanted to purchase, genuine RT Systems software and cables as follows for Icom IC-7000, Icom R-8500 and Yaesu... $0
HOME BASE UHF/ VHF HOME BASE ANTENNA. HOME BASE UHF/ VHF HOME BASE ANTENNA. Hi there im after a good home base uhf/vhf antenna. I dont mind going for a drive to pick it up as long as its close in meaning up to 150 klms of my QTH  If you have a antenna your not useing please give me a call or drop me an email ... $0
Boat Anchor parts wanted HRO snr front panel, tuning pip. Racal RA17 front panel complete, RH side gusset plate, Parts required for restorations, any related parts considered. Hro Snr Front Panel, Misc Bits, Racal ra17 Front Pan, Rh Side Gusset, Tuning Pip, Why $0
Wanted Help with Codan 9323 I'm looking for some help from someone with a bit of experience to set up my recently aquired Codan 9323 to use with LSB on the Ameture band.  I can find lots of references on google, but most are old and have broken links or the links removed.... Codan 9323 $0
WANTED Simplex Auto Simplex Auto semi automatic morse code key. Also PMG training manual 'Telegraph Traffic Procedure' c1950s Morse Code Key -
Wanted FT840 Wanted FT840 in working condition. 0468480662 $0
Bencher Paddle Key Requesting a Bencher 2 Paddle CW Morse code telegraph key / keyer. Cw Key $0
WANTED HP3310A function generator WANTED HP3310A function generator Looking for a HP3310A function generator, working and in good condition. Will pay reasonable price. Thank you for looking. -
Wanted: Nally Tower Any one in South VK4 or North VK2 have a Nally they want to sell? Please email me - vk4ham@gmail.com Thanks for looking Andrew - VK4NM $0
WTB : TAIT TOPB200/400 Batteries Hi All Looking for any TAIT TOPB200 or 400 Batteries.. New old stock or used taking charge let me know your surplus and $$  Thanks Marty  vk2gib $0
FT7 Parts. FT7 Parts. Basically looking for a FT7  BANDSWITCH  to restore existing unit or, a working FT7 at a reasonable price.  VK4FO. $0
Wanted yearsu dmu 2000 Wanted yearsu dmu 2000 Wanted yaesu dmu 2000 <blockquote>Someone out there has a yaesu dmu 2000 with out the bourd that goes into a yaesu ft950 as i have just bought a ft950 and noticed it has one So im on the hunt for the dmu 2000 unit. If you have one for sale... $0
WTB - Glass mount Dual band Mobile 2m / 70cm Hi All Looking for any surplus glass mount mobile 2m 70 cm dual band antenna setups. LIKE MFJ 1734 -  1 only set required. If you have any not being used , send me some details  Thanks Marty VK2GIB $0
Wanted yaesu ft817nd Wanted yaesu ft 817ND in good condion also if you have any extras for the radio. Please  send pictures and info to 0421457183 thank you. Martin. $0
Antena Tuner Hi Looking for an antena tuner nothing to flash up to 100watts is good, auto / man not fussy. price let me know Thanks for reading Jon  0418 833 658 $0.10
FT-990 Looking for an FT-990 in very good condition. Prefer VK3. v1.3 only. 0498722797. $0
EF Johnson 154-2-3 350E20 variable capacitor Hi im chasing an EF Johnson 154-2-3 350E20 variable tuning capacitor 15-320pF If anyone has one they can sell please get in touch must be in good working order. $0
Wanted Benelec Speaker Wanted Benelec Speaker Hi, A collegue is restoring a BMW motorbike as used by the NSW Highway Patrol in the late 1980's. He is after a Benelec 08203 speaker (as per photograph). He has tried Benelec and they can not help. Any assistance would be gratefully... $0
Wanted. Service manuals/schematics Wanted Uniden 001, 007, 011, 077. Realistic TRC800 Service manuals or schematics. I have looked in the forums. I have looked in VK Ham. I have looked at DK Mods. I have contacted Uniden Australia. Uniden Realistic 001 $0
Wanted - HP 853A spectrum Analyser Mainframe. Wanted - HP 853A spectrum Analyser Mainframe. Mainframe (display) only required, must be in GWO bright screen etc.  VK4FO. $0
Wanted Icom IC-910H working or not Hello, I need an IC-910H for my shack, have cash here ready to go.  Would prefer to find a good working example but willing to consider one that needs some TLC but please no basket cases unless it comes at a very good price :-D  No... ic910 $0
40 ch uniden sw and leds for UFO digiscan 40 ch uniden sw and leds for UFO digiscan Primarily looking for 2 items, 1 x 40 ch block to suit an 858 chassis (ie ferris president etc) will buy dead radio with 40ch sw 2 x LED segment blocks for UFO Digiscan ...will buy dead entire UFO digiscan Buying any other non working cb... $0
Wanted 3500z tubes Wanted 3500z tubes Chasing a few 3500z tubes.  Pls email brenton@posnav.com.au or sms 0418844700 $0
Wanted to Buy Drake R-4C Wanted to Buy Drake R-4C I am looking for an Drake R-4C receiver to restore it and needs to be complete and the price is important I would like to do the work so please do not offer me one that is aleady restored. Please email with your details etc, thanks for reading my... $0
Vibroplex semi-automatic key (see photo) Vibroplex semi-automatic key (see photo) Wanted a Vibroplex semi-automatic morse key similar to the 1954 edition of the 'Champion' model in good nick. Regards Richard  VK3RR Vibroplex Semi Autom $100
Wanted yeasu ft-1000mp Looking for a ft-1000mp that anyone wants to sell? $0
WANTED ICOM IC-PS20 POWER SUPPLY I am looking for a Icom IC-PS20 power supply. Must be in excellent condition. please let me know if you have one and what sort of money you would like to get for it. Regards Bill $0