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Rotary Numerical Dial and Bandswitch decal Rotary Numerical Dial and Bandswitch decal I am looking for a more elegant rotary numerial dial counter, to be used to control the position of my vacuum varialble in my valve HF amp. 1/4 inch (6.3mm) shaft. The repaired rotary dial I have works is OK, but does not look so great and has... $0
CQ ICOM OPC EXPERTS CQ ICOM OPC EXPERTS ICOM OPC CABLE MYSTERY Gday See photos. Looking for info on this ICOM OPC. Any info you have very much appreciated as i would like to sell it, but i do not know the <strong>model number of the OPC.</strong> Large plug to fit the... -
Wanted: RMK 706 Separation Kit Opc-581 MB62 &amp; 63 Wanted: RMK 706 Separation Kit Opc-581 MB62 & 63 Does anyone have an IC-706 separation cable with brackets lying around for sale? $123
Wanted - Yaesu FT-450D <p>Hi,</p> <p>I'm interested in purchasing a Yaesu FT-450D transceiver that is in excellent condition.</p> <p>Please email me with deatails and photo's of your offering.</p> <p>Cash is waiting,</p> <p>Thanks for... $0
WANYED: NW Digital DV3000 Dongle Hello, On the hunt for a NW Digital DV3000 Dongle, Let me know if you have one your wanting to move on for a reasonable Price! 73 $0
Crystal 1870khz or near lower frequency Like most other 160 AM operators, I too am looking for a 1870 kHz crystal. 1843 used to be where AM could be found on 160 because of crystal availibility, but recent WIA band plan changes have given 1840USB to FT8 digital mode. I would like to... $0
rotator/tower 5.7Ghz PA WTB medium duty Azimuth rotator tilt tower 5.7Ghz 1watt PA or minikits kit....... 10ghz 1watt PA email: vk4cdi...at...gmail.com $0
Alinco ALR22 I am looking for front panel section of the above transceiver which has small push switches on front panel,  these are unreliable/ broken    Wonder if anyone has parts or  perhaps a scrap one with other more serious... 2 Meter Mobile Rig $0
WANTED. SBE Sidebander VI 40-Channel HF CB Radio WANTED. SBE Sidebander VI 40-Channel HF CB Radio HI. IM LOOKING FOR A SBE Sidebander VI 40-Channel HF CB Radio. Must be working and in good to excellent condition. txt or call 0499403311. cheers. -
WANTED: INFORMATION/CIRCUIT FOR CODAN 7302 PSU WANTED: INFORMATION/CIRCUIT FOR CODAN 7302 PSU Anyone recall the Codan 6801 transceiver and/or the 7113 PSU?  The two-tone green boxes ... Well I have a Codan 7302 PSU in the same box (except a dark BLUE) and it has me feeling it is a prototype as the contents don't make a lot of sense... Codan $0
Wanted ...Manual Antenna Tuner... Wanted to Buy - Manual Antenna Tuner...with cross needle SWR/Power metering, Balun and coax input switching .. 150W or greater Must be in full working condition Manual Antenna Tuner $0
Looking for military boat anchor BC-318/342 items. 1) Vernier tuning locking device. 2) AC power supply type RA-20 long corner support for BC-342. 3)Brass front panel lock unit.  The BC-342 has been repaired and is working well. The above items are needed to replace those missing.... $0
WTB: Tower Hi gang. Putting the feelers out there. I'm after a tower. Must be freestanding. Let me know if you know of anything for sale. Must be located in VK5. Thanks. Theo - VK5MTM - 0413 953 276 $123
Heathkit SB610 Station Monitor Power Transformer Looking for the power transformer details 600v, 200v, 6.3 heater windings with seperate winding for crt. Would consider a complete unit for parts should you have one. regards Terry vk4aat -
DVMEGA UHF Board Hello, On the hunt for another DVMEGA UHF Board, Doesn't matter what the firmware version is... Must be the single Band UHF version only. Wanted Dvmega Uhf Bo -
Kenwood & Yaesu Valve Radios I have a general interest in older style Kenwood TS520, TS820, Yaesu FT901, Yaesu FT101 series and related transceivers and I am interested in potentially acquiring one more of these models. If you have one sitting around in good condition and you... Kenwood Yeasu $0
HF Linear Amplifier Wanted I am interested in buying a HF linear amplifier in good to excellent working condition. I have various Icom, Kenwood and Yeasu radios, so ideally it could be used with all (as needed), however one brand or the other would be acceptable. The... Linear Amplifier $1,000
Uniden 2020 Uniden 2020 Howdy, just nearly finished reconditioning a Uniden 2020 and chasing an external VFO and Speaker, if you have a radio as well and its the only way for me to access the bits, I will buy the entire lot and keep the other radio as a spare so no hassles... $0