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Wanted ICOM MB-116 GRAB HANDLES Wanted ICOM MB-116 GRAB HANDLES Hi there im on the hunt for a pair of icom mb 116 grab handles  If you have a pair you would like to move on befor i have to go and get some new. Please get in touch. Thankyou rob $12,345
Wanted: various items for Drake TR-7 line-up I am hoping to re-assemble a Drake TR-7 station line-up for regular use & am on the hunt for any or all of a Drake TR-7A & power supply, linear amplifier& power supply.   Prefer in GWO but will consider what is available.  ... $0
Wanted BC-139 Dropin charger. Looking for a BC-139 dropin charger. Cheers. 0498722797. $1
Wanted- Kenwood MC 35S hand mic Wanted- Kenwood MC 35S hand mic In an era of desk mics,  boom mics or radio via computer, I still prefer a hand mic Looking for a Kenwood MC 30S or MC 35S mic. Let me know if you have one surplus to needs $1,234
Wanted looking for Sattrak4 or similar Looking for sattelite tracking units, sattrak 4 or any that are further use to yourself.. Mast head preamps, 2~70 and beyond TNC 9600 + baud Manuals would be a bonus ;) Thanks $0
Mobile bracket/mount Kenwood TS120S Mobile bracket/mount Kenwood TS120S Hi there. I am chasing a mobile bracket/mount for an old Kenwood TS120S. Hoping someone might have one in their junk box. Thanks. Phil VK8VWA $0
Adelaide pick ups avalable, we are buying loads Adelaide pick ups avalable, we are buying loads I'm in Adelaide next week doing our bi annual pick up of over 40 plus radios and amps etc.  We need loads more!!!!!!!!!!!!! If its cb related, ham related, tower related, if we know what you have will bring the biggest caged trailer you have... $0
Icom FM Board Icom FM Board <p>I wish to purchase an Icom UI-8 FM Demodulator Board for the IC-R72 receiver. New or used is fine. Glen VK2FC</p> $1
WANTED  BUZZA MORSE KEY WANTED BUZZA MORSE KEY Wanted Buzza Morse code/telegraph semi automatic 'Lightning' model key. Similar to that in the attached pic. Also interested in any other Aust. made keys. Thanks. Buzza, Codekey, Morse $0
Looking for HM-151 Mic for ic 7000 Looking for HM-151 Mic for ic 7000 looking for a HM-151 (see pic) to pair up with my ic7000. Please email photo and price including freight to andybh@gmail.com Cheers VK2VOO $2,333

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