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Registration Processing

If you have submitted a registration and not received any confirmation of its acceptance then it probably means that you did not submit the information required.  Please revisit the Registration Guidelines and confirm that you supplied all relevant information.  Your registraion will NOT be processed without it. 
Everyone wants some form of security in this system so I have no choice but to do some form of checking of identities of registrants, as best I can.  
I do not want to spend time rechecking registrations that are blatantly wrong or debating the issue with some users who think the rules somehow do not apply to them.  Sorry.....blunt but true.  

Thank you for your understanding. 

19/04/2019 - Latest version of Firefox causing issues with advert placement - 

It appears that users of the latest version of Firefox are now facing an issue of mot being able to select Categories when placing adverts (thanks Firefox!)  This issue has been reported to the authors of the software for a possible fix.  The only workaround that I can currently advise is to use a different browser.

UPDATE 5/5/19 - Reloaded latest (66.0.3 (64-bit) version of Firefox and have had no issues!

24/02/2019 - Best Offer listng option removed - Consider an Auction instead

This option has been removed as the better option is to use the Auction system.  This is the same as traditional Auction systems and gives both the seller and potential buyer greater visibility of the process but with the seller potentially getting a better return. 

You can of course start your Auction at $0.99 with No Reserve and see what happens but there are other ways to place Auctions. 

For example if you have an item to list and you will take a minimum of $100 for it, then place an Auction with a starting price of $100.  If you only get one bid then it will be for your minimum price of $100... BUT if there is interest from more than one person the Auction system gives all parties a fair chance of purchasing the item...and you get a better price!  A win-win!

20/03/2018 - Image Popup addon installed

This addon enables you to just hover your mouse over an image in the advert list to get a larger size version of that image to appear. You can still click on this image to go to the advert as before.

18/11/16 - Better Placement paid option added

The seller can select a “better placement” status to be applied to their listing during the listing placement process. Listings that have “better placement” applied to them will automatically be moved to the top of the browsing results pages. They will only be pushed down in the list if another listing that ALSO has “better placement” applied to it was added to the site after the first listing. That is to say, “better placed” listings will appear at the top of the list, with the most recently placed “better placed” listing shown at the top.  If there are multiple adverts using this feature their position at the top of the listings will be "rotated" every hour so that all get equal time at/near the top of the listings.  Pricing varies depending on your subscription level.

25/09/16 - Site Migration to new Server / SSL Security added

The site was migrated to a new Virtual Private Server tonight as part of an ongoing effort to alleviate load issues.  This enabled an upgrade of the resources available to the site.
An SSL certificate was installed on the domain which will encrypt all traffic on areas of the site where personal details are involved for extra security.   An upgrade of the classifieds software itself will also be done soon.

13/10/15 - New Help videos added 

    1. How to Register

    2. How to Change Your Password

    3. How to Post an Advert
    4. How to Delete An Advert

    5. How to Modify your current Advert or Auction

17/09/15 - Old VK Classifieds shutdown today

I was going to wait until all adverts had expired but as the newest advert on there was over two weeks old now and the fact that today I was notified several times of yet another scammer/troll contacting advertisers based on the advert in that system I decided to close it down permanently a little early.  Hope you all like the new site.  Enjoy.

13/09/15 - Latest Scam

If you receive offers for your items via email that does not come directly from the VK Classifieds system then it is probably a scam attempt.  Only registered users can respond to your adverts and they do so only via the Contact Seller form within the system.  Please check any web addresses in emails given to you asking you to confirm your details - VK Classifieds does not do this!

08/09/15 - New version of VK Classifieds online today

The latest version of VK Classifieds has been published online today at  This has been brought about by unforseen changes to the old systems administration which would have lead to the system eventually being shutdown.  This new system is now based in Australia on new software which, for the first time, now incorporates both Classifieds and Auctions together....and yes it is still free!  A lot of work and many, many hours have gone into this change and my thanks go out to the many testers who kindly put this system through its paces and gave me invaluable feedback before going live.  Still lots to do over time but hopefully the new system will be not only more feature packed but faster and more flexible to your needs. 

Thanks again to all my supporters.  Your continued support is what keeps this site online for everyones benefit.



All registrations must include a verifiable phone number/address via Whitepages and an ISP email account (NOT gmail/hotmail or similar). If this is not possible (silent number/mobile etc) then I will require you to supply a copy of either your amateur licence or some other form of verifiable documentation eg. Licence/Elec bill etc. NO EXCEPTIONS. If you do not agree then this you will not be permitted to use this service. This information will NEVER be passed on (except to relevant authorities if official requests are made in the event of a dispute). I am aware this is inconvenient but it is for everyones security.

28/08/14 - New Scam and Warnings Google Group created:


I have created a Google Group for registered users of this system to detail information about scam attempts etc. that they have encountered so that their fellow users can be made aware of these questionable practises in advance to hopefully help them avoid being caught out by these people.  If you are not prepared to stand by your comments in this group then do not post there!  Remember that Libel is a crime and that comments you make should be as factual as possible as they may come back to bite you! 


You must request to join this group and will only be admitted if you are a registered user of this system. Please email advising your username to request registration in this group. Your listed system email address will be used to respond. 


VK Classifieds accepts no responsibility for comments made in this group and your use of this group signifies your acceptance of full responsibility and liability for your comments.


06/08/14 - Scams Alert


There has been a concerted effort lately to impersonate users of this system when responding to adverts or trying to register using other peoples (fake) details.  Whilst every effort is made to verify users of this system (no responsibility is inferred by VK Classifieds) it is essential that you independently verify the people you are dealing with e.g.. verifiable email, address and phone details.

As a consequence of this activity the following now applies to all new registrations:

All registrations must be submitted using your ISP email address e.g.. or etc. These email addresses can be changed once your account is activated to any account you wish (i.e.: you don't have to have the ISP address used in your adverts) but for security reasons an ISP account must be used to register. I am aware this is inconvenient but it is for everyone's security.

If you have information about other scam attempts please let me know or if you are unsure please ask as I may have heard something that may help.



08/01/14 - 100,000th advert posted!


Another milestone for VK Classifieds. Going strong into its 16th year. Thanks to all the supporters over the years. Always appreciated.


17/12/13  - Registration changes


Registrations will now only be accepted from VK/ZL areas (unless by special arrangement). All registrations will checked as far as possible to verify the authenticity of each but as always though "Buyer Beware".


VK Classifieds accepts no responsibility in this regard.


14/5/2012 - IMPORTANT GUIDELINE MODIFICATIONS - as below - Please read carefully!


  1. Supply of Non-Compliant radios - (As advised by the ACMA)

    • Supply of non � standard radio communications devices is an offence under Section 160 of the Radio Communications Act 1992, and can attract substantial penalties of 120 penalty units for an individual, or otherwise 1500 penalty units (currently 1 penalty unit = $110). Operation and possession of non-standard radio communications devices are also offences under sections 157 and 158 of the Act. Non standard devices have the potential to cause harmful interference to licensed radio communications services.

    • Amateur Radios that are designed and limited to cover amateur radio bands only do not have to meet Australian standards, however, if the radio covers frequencies, or has been modified to cover frequencies outside of internationally recognised amateur bands, then it must meet the standards for equipment operating in those bands, as well as carry the appropriate regulatory compliance marking. As such, equipment which does not meet these standards is defined as non-standard equipment.

    • Suppliers also have an obligation under section 301 of the Act to ensure that equipment is not supplied to anyone who is not appropriately licensed to operate or possess the device.

      *Important Note - It was advised by the ACMA that they may take action directly with the individual advertisers that are in breach of the Communications Act in their advertisements!


Adverts deemed to be in breach of the relevant act will be removed without notice!