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HP 3488A  + 300MHz Signal Switch, Relay + Digital
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HP 3488A Switch/Control is HP-IB / GPIB programmable , flexible, and low-cost interconnection /switching unit for automating experiments on the bench and for developing tests in the lab. The HP 3488A is designed to hold up to 5 module types. The...


MP-3092 Dual 40V, 3A, Linear Power Supply
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<p>Dual Output, Dual Tracking Laboratory Power Supply</p> <p>Two 0-40Vdc, 3Amp power supplies in one case.  The two outputs can be operated independently or switched to ‘dual tracking’ mode to provide a...


HP11652A Transmission / Reflection (0.1 – 110MHz)
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This is an accessory kit for HP8407A Network Analyser or for HP8405 Vector Voltmeter for characterising 50 ohm RF networks 0.1 – 110MHz. Also can be used for RF levelling , sweeping and general use around the home lab / shack. Contains: 3 * p...


HP8405A Vector Voltmeter &amp; HP11570A Acc
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<p>The HP 8405A is a classic Vector Voltmeter, manufactured around early 1970s that used the sampling technique that’s still used today in many microwave VNAs. I ahve not used this is quite a while so needing a new home. The HP 8405A...


 HP8447A RF Pre-Amp: 0.1-700MHz
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<p>Measured Gain (mean): 22 dB +/- 1dB over 0.1 – 500MHz, -3dB Measured: 750MHz</p> <p>This HP/Agilent 8447A has been modified with a Mini-Circuits ZFL-500 amplifier with low-noise (<5.5dB) , fixed gain (22dB) amplifier. Output...


TEK 2465B, 400MHz, 4 CH Analogue Scope
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The TEK 2465B scope is 4 channel 400 MHz analogue scope with digital readouts. Manufactured in early 1990s, they are still considered one of the best analogue scope of the time and are repairable in event of component failures (unlike mid range...


HP3314A Function Gen (20MHz)
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<p>The HP3314A is a single channel Function/Waveform Generator with built in VCO multiplier and gating functions. Waveforms includes accurate sine, square, and triangle waves from 0.001Hz to 19.99MHz with an amplitude range of 0.01mV to 10Vp-p...


HP436A Microwave Power Meter + Working head
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You are bidding on a good working example of an HP436A frequency counter and comes with an 8484A power head - 18 GHz 1-10uW  out of calibration but works fine  The range select knob was broken in moving house but repaired nicely and...


HP5342A 18 GHz Frequency Counter
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You are bidding on a good working example of an HP5342A frequency counter  good to 18 GHz - nice unit - not calibrated but works fine - 10 MHz std installed  Used and looks used - but functions well and still a great workhorse...

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