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RF and AF signal generator ARF-300 (working)
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This is a Belco signal generator, made in Japan, probably in the 1980s. It covers the audio band in several ranges. It covers the RF bands in several ranges. It is not a high quality device like Hewlet Packard, it is a budget instrument. There are 4...


Oscilloscope, Dick Smith, Working
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Dick Smith Laboratory Oscilloscope, Cat Q-1280, Good condition. Working. It has good brightness and focus (these controls are on the back). It has a 3" round screen, with a calibration graticule. It can show signals up to 100khz. I tested it to...


12  V POWER SUPPLY IEE488 (THURLBY PL154)  working
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POWER SUPPLY IEEE488 (THURLBY PL154) This is a regulated bench DC power supply, capable of supplying 0 to 15 volts DC. It has a digital readout and is variable form the fine and corase knobs on the front. The current is displayed on the right...


LCR  Impedance Bridge type 250D (working)
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This is a meter used for tersting and determining the value of LCR (inductances, capacitors, and resistors). It is an Impedance Bridge type 250D and is in good condition and it works. It has connection terminals for R L and C. It has a meter for...


GR Audio Oscillator 1311 (working)
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This is a GR audio oscillator, in good condition, and working. It is solid state and supplies some fixed frequencies. It operates from 240 VAC. It has variable output, and slightly variable frequency.

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