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Bird Termaline Inline Wattmeter  - $200 Listing ID: 21849

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In line triple range Termaline 9cm 30 uA movement Wattmeter.
Frequency Range 25-1000 mHz
Power range 25, 100, 500 watts CW
using a remote inline power coupler (not waterproof).
Highly suited for remote inline sensing of a high power uhf vhf amp inserted in the 50 ohm coax line using the N type male and female.
They are bird type adaptors so could be changed to other types.
Model 6734
serial 102
50 ohms impedance
500 watt fsd maximum in 3 ranges.
leather carry handle.
A spare MA4052 diode included but marked as low.
Coupler uses same diode and checked accurate at 144 432 100 watts
1296 indication is identical to my Telewave at 1296 also rated to 1000 mhz.
I bought several meters and loads can only use one.
This is designed for use into a dummy load and does not have return loss, vswr reverse and will not be accurate except when line is terminated correctly in a 50 ohm load.

If you need a 500 watt load will supply matching load price for combo is $400
Load on its own is $200.00