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80m Optibeam OB1-80 Rotatable Dipole  - $1,500 Listing ID: 13547

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Heading towards a four square to start with then if we can fit on the tower, a few more elements on 80m so my original 2 element has sold but I forgot the single Element design was intact on some 40 gallon barrels behind one of the sheds. Landed this was around $3500, its just not going to get used here due to looking at a much larger design, but these are incredible performance for 30kgs of antenna. Being able to rotate on 80m or 40m is an incredible experience, especially if you see some noise in your area. Selling at way under half price, its been sitting assembled for 3 years, selling as is and to my knowledge, it all should work fine as we supported it at one stage and ran the antenna analyser on it in its default 3.6 mhz and it was looking great.   OB1-80 1el / Rotary (SSB+CW) OPTIBEAM OB1-80   OB1-80 1 Element Yagi 80m (SSB+CW)   Bands 80 Gain (dBd) * 0 Gain (dBi) ** 5.3 F/B (dB) 0 VSWR (with the OptiBeam multi switch): 2 stage(not 4) covers basically the lower 3.6 region and the higher 3.7 DX allotment. Relay switches the two band locations(all supplied)   Elements (number) 1 Max. Elementlenght (m) 17.6 Turning Radius (m) 8.8 Feedlines (number) 1 Coax 50 Ohm Weight (kg) 30 Windload at 130 km/h 590 N / 0,74 m² / 8,0 feet²   Price incl. 5 KW 1:2 balun and dual switch system
Please do not confuse this with the latest 4 band switchable OB1-80+, the plus allows for 4 band segmants where the one being sold allows for 2 segments, ideally 3.6 middle band, 3.78 middle band approx.  In Australia, the general chit chat is above and below 3.6 and the dx and is just below 3.8 mhz. This model covers both areas of hams needs, it can be tuned quite well with a good quality high power tuner.  The first video is very similar to the antenna we have up here displaying the OB18-6, we have the OB16-5 and after looking at the first video, these guys have there antennas a little bit higher than ours,(quite a bit) breathtaking installation to watch even if you are not looking to the buy an 80m Rotatable Dipole.  The second video is of all you spanish music lovers....


Manufacturer Optibeam - Germany
Model OB1-80
Condition of Item Excellent
Accessories Included Balun/Switchbox for 3.6/dxarea
Postage / Freight Buyer Pays


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