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Stellex 8-10GHz YIg osc and Synthesizer
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New Old Stock (NOS), Stellex 8-10GHz synthesizer assemblies. Stellex 8-10GHz YIG oscillator and synthesizer board. Comes with heaps of data and code examples to program them. Use them as a LO or perhapos the basis of a beacon etc. see...


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Hi all, the cleanout never ends it seems. Up for grabs - various components, all are NOS off original manufacturers reels. 1) SHF0289, 6GHz, 1W HFET, SOT-89. $20 for QTY x 10 2) BFQ67, 8GHz, 300mW BJT, SOT-23. $15 for QTY X 10 3) MGF4919G,...


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Hi all, more components from the cleanout. Again all NOS off original reels except the PM2112, they are loose. 1) SGA2363, mmic - 5GHz, G=16, P1dB=8, IP3=19, NF=3.2, SOT363. $15 for QTY x 10 2) SNA586-2, MMIC - 5GHz, G=18, P1dB=18, IP3=31,...


Chokes and transformers
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Hi all more from the cleanout.  I have the following chokes and transformers for sale. dimensions are:w x d x h in mm make an offer on one or all CHOKES $10 ea 4  x 6H, 100mA, 60 ohm, 1kg, dia 60 x 75 1 x 4.7H, 150mA at a...

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Pile of Assorted Surface Mount Components
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Pile of assorted surface mount components. Total weight is about 8kg and they fit into a box about 55x45x22cm you could get an estimate of the postage cost from the PO web site. $125 starting bid is for whole pile, about 70 rolls, some doublings...

time left: 4 d, 22 hr


BFY50 Bag of 100 Unopened Sort Of
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BFY50 35V 1A transistor, bag of 100 unopened, sort of. I don't have many of these so I really want to keep 10 or so for the "Just In Case" project. If getting the unopened bag is important to you then you agree to post 10 back to me. Otherwise I...

time left: 3 d, 22 hr


Boards With Various RF SM Components
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Boards with various RF SM components, easy to remove with a hot air gun to the rear of the board as the board is quite thin. The photo has some of my notes added in, 5 off. The bid is for the quantity of 5. Each board weighs 90g so 5 of them...

time left: 5 d, 0 hr