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Hi All

After many requests and just over a year passing since the WIA attempted to expel me, and several others, I thought it was time to update where things stand.  Especially in light of where the WIA is positioning itself lately.
Silence is the WIA weapon of choice!  Make a statement then go dark leaving the truth nowhere to respond.

Here is a link to some of many documents and emails that mostly I wrote trying to get common sense from the WIA.  Basically just trying to get ANY response from the WIA!  This all ended with the WIA (Peter Clee) sending a short note saying that they were withdrawing the charges.  No explanation and no apology - nothing!!An5ittOPVHh-jI1S7fbL_N-lnrQNjA?e=R25cUR

I followed this up several times over the year, including a ticketed request for a question at the AGM (apparently 3 day prior was too late I was told!), but again no response.  Silence prevails and neither I nor any of my co-accused have ever heard anything but crickets.

Now the WIA Board (including their President??) has decided to try these tactics again but at a bigger fish - RASA (Radio Amateur Society of Australia). RASA approached the WIA President on the subject of Foundation Licence callsigns being unusable on most Digital mode software and how would we best approach this. The ACMA wanted a joint sector wide approach to this so RASA asked the WIA to join with them in a bipartisan manner and tackle this issue. After numerous emails and phone calls etc both Presidents agreed on a joint survey and also on the specific wording of the questions etc. All good you might think? Finally the two organisations talking for the betterment of VK hams you might think.


A week after the survey is placed online by RASA there is no sign of the WIA at all. Then comes a letter from the WIA Board (signed by Peter Clee - again! Where is their President??) claiming a foul and that RASA had no authority to claim that the WIA was involved in any of this and legal action was an option if RASA did not desist immediately.

This a statement from the President of RASA in response -

Whoa. Take a breath. Skip back to my original issue of attempted expulsion and read my comment "Make a statement then go dark leaving the truth nowhere to respond" Sound familiar?
The WIA has gone dark again and none more so than their MIA President (no not a typo). Who runs the WIA? No-one accountable that's for sure! Again Silence is the weapon.

This silence is killing AR in Australia. I agree two organisations is not ideal either but when the single incumbent player is completely missing in action what can you do? Please dont be silent on these issues. AR is under attack from all sides. Social media haters and trolls who never contribute anything other than misinformaiton and spite are being fuelled by the apathy of the general AR membership. AR operators in VK need to get involved or the hobby will cease to be relevant. The ACMA will very quickly stop talking to any of us if things dont change and then we only get what they want. No thanks.

My opinions are obviously my own and if you disagree then that is your right but think about the issue calmly before taking to social media with messages filled with abuse and hate. What does that achieve?

Be angry for sure but target and channel that anger into positive change. Many from our hobby have already been lost because of this hate. How many more can we afford to lose?

cheers...Allan VK2CA


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