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Seller's Comments and Description:

This is a complete fixed site radio direction finding system that estimates the bearing angle of radio signals from 125 TO 500 M Hz.  It is supplied with SignalTrack software that provides real-time remote control of the system and displays the line of bearing on a map. It can be networked with other sites (including mobile) to provide triangulation.  The system can be operated via the Internet, data radio link or serial connection. Audio from a remote site can be streamed over the Internet.  Alternatively it can be used as a standalone fixed site without requiring a PC.

Doppler Systems model DDF6001 Processor
DDF6092 VHF and DDF6095 UHF fixed site antennas
DDF6079 remote antenna switch
15m antenna cables
Icom R7100 receiver
Barix Insteamer for communications and streaming audio over IP
Netcomm router and mobile internet modem
The system is housed in a 6RU rack case
Operates from 12 V DC or 240 V AC

SignalTrack is Windows based software that is included with the system. It provides real-time control and acquires bearing data from one or more remote direction finder sites. Remote site receiver frequencies may be changed, and all front panel direction finder controls are available. The software supports either Internet, data radio link, telephone line or direct (RS232) connection for control and data acquisition. When the direction finder connects over the Internet, multiple users can access the bearing data simultaneously. SignalTrack triangulates bearings automatically and displays lines of bearings on digital maps. A least squares estimation of the emitter location and/or the 95% probability ellipse can also be shown. SignalTrack includes data logging for offline analysis.

Included in this ad are screen shots of SignalTrack using different maps.  The black circles with the letter B in them are beacons. They can be placed on the map to identify transmitters and calibrate the system.  One screen shot is of a transmitter at Macaw Hill which is 78 km from the direction finder.  The other is of the ATIS transmitter at Parafield Airport. The square with the letter V in it is a virtual site.      Virtual sites allow the user to manually create a site and enter a bearing for that site. This would be used if a mobile or remote site did not have data communications with the site where SignalTrack is being run. In this case an operator could verbally convey his location and the bearing to the target.  The SignalTrack operator could enter the data into a Virtual site to provide triangulation.

Additional specifications and features can be found at:

This system is currently in operation at Prospect SA and can be evaluated over the internet using SignalTrack software.  


Manufacturer Doppler Systems
Model DDF6001
Condition of Item Excellent
Accessories Included All cables and connectors
Postage / Freight Buyer Pays


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