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Extremely Rare and Working well CPI CP2000  - $1,500 Listing ID: 14994

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Seller's Comments and Description:

Very rare item, I am keeping two for myself, one for my personal shack and the other for display, so a very rare unique opportunity exists for those that know the reputation and collectability of the CP2000 series and CPI gear in general.  I have used this radio for a couple of days now and its been very consistent for a late 70's radio.  Just incredible engineering inside those covers, and  the rear output stage while tuned for 12 watts could easily do 40 watts( that would be runing pretty warm and not advisable hihi) but we have kept it stock standard in relation to power output as you will see in the video. Photos and Video are of the actual radio being sold, no internet shots etc.  These radios are not cheap, I myself paid a bit more just for a mobile a few months back, but they are becoming so rare and they truly had some of the best receivers and transmit stages that the CB era ever engineered.  Like the SBE Console VI units, sadly, often the USA buyers are in with an advantage currency wise, and two have sold from us to USA buyers who monitor VKham or other forms of advertising.  My attempts are to try and get these rare bits into the hands of Australian enthusiasts like myself, so if your interested, pls review the video and photos and you will also have the first option on numerous CPI Accessories if you are the buyer.  As stated in the video, all radios are sold as is, they are 1970's radios and we do our best to show you the operation of the radio in our videos, but we always suggest you insure and of course, we always take very good care of ensuring the radio is packaged securely.  No responsibilty can be taken for any transport issues, once again, always happy for you or someone you know in this local area to come and visit and confirm the radios integrity.  My own personal CPI collection is in the many thousands of dollars so, be warned, it can get addictive.  But these are purchases for life, long after I forget what I had to pay for the rarest of rare radios, Im still enjoying the fun that they provide.  Just as a sidenote, the inhibit for tx we have put in is easily removable, but I would hope that you would not.  The real activity is in the first 40 channels, and the days of 27.555 are really just a great way to send a flare up to ACMA to come and collect the equipment.  And they do.....So keep it legal and enjoy without having any worries about knocks on the door.  Also, if you choose to run off 110v, convertors are available on for very small dollars. I have been using a load of the Shogun SG3000 units, no radio interference, just work beautifully.  I have 6 or 7 lying around and we really have become a 110v/240v household.   The radio operates perfectly from 12v as well so this may be an easier option for some.


Manufacturer Communications Power Inc
Model CP2000 Base 110v/12v
Condition of Item Good
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