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TTI 2MHz & 3MHz  Fuction Generators
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Hi all, I have for sale a couple of function generators. They are all Thurlby Thandar, two models available, a 2MHz version and a 3MHz version. Comes with operator and service manual via email.   FREQUENCY: .02(0.03) Hz to 2 MHz (3...


Royce Field Strength and SWR Meter
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Royce Model 2-100 Field Stength and SWR meter in A1 cosmetic and electrical condition covering 3.5 to 150MHz. Purchaser pays freight. Don't email but instead call me (Jim) after 10am any day on 08 83820504 if interested.

CAA-500 Mark II Standing Wave Analyser
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<p><strong><span style="font-size: large;">CAA-500 Mark II</span></strong></p> <p><strong><span style="font-size: large;">Standing Wave Analyser <span style="font-size: 12pt;"> Available NOW at...


Signal Generator
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For sale, a HP8657A signal generator in good condition.Local pickup prefered as it heavy.


HP Spectrum Analyser
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I have for sale a HP8591C Spectrum analyser, in good working order. It has not had a factory cal for some years, but does calibrate to the internal reference. ( there is provision for an external ref. on rear ).Frequency range covered is 1MHz to...

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Ando TCO-47 Oscillator, Untested
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Ando TCO-47 oscillator, untested. It was mounted inside an NEC FD-0133 Fault Location Oscillator. Bid is for the entire thing if you want the NEC part as well. Or not. Local pickup from near Camberwell Junction, VIC or the storage location. ...

time left: 3 d, 6 hr


Faulty HP 5335A Frequency Counter
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Faulty HP 5335A counter, I think the fault is a missing ROM or part of the processor or something like that so maybe the samplers still work. Perhaps. Possibly. And maybe the oven if it has one.    Local pickup from near Camberwell...

time left: 2 d, 16 hr


4 NFF Attrs, 10dB, 3 x 15dB, Working But Mediocre
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4 NFF Attrs, 1 x 10dB, 3 x 15dB, working but pretty mediocre. Bid price is for the lot of 4.  The 10dB is good to about 4GHz and the 15s to about 3GHz. Note that the horizontal axis is different to plots of the earlirer ones I put...

time left: 16 hr, 42 min


4 N MF Attenuators, 2, 7, 20 and 22dB, Working
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Lot of four Type N MF attenuators, 2, 7, 20 and 22dB, tested and working. The 2dB one is good to about 10GHz, the 7dB to about 5GHz, the 20dB is a bit hard to specify and the 22dB is good to about 3GHz Bid price is for the lot of...

time left: 12 hr, 17 min


4 NF NM Attenuators, 3, 8, 8 and 20dB, Working
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4 NF NM Attenuators, 3, 8, 8 and 20dB, tested and working. Marconi 3dB good to about 5GHz. PRD 8dB ones good to about 8GHz.  Amarin good to10GHz, OK to 20GHz.   Bid price is for the lot of 4.  Local pickup from near...

time left: 1 d, 11 hr


Wiltron 60A50 VSWR Bridge, Working, Original Box
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Wiltron 60A50 VSWR bridge, working, in original box, foam shot. Rated for 5 to 2000MHz. Seems to be working OK but it's a bit hard to measure. One unit only, no adaptors included. The first plot is the raw insertion loss with a...

time left: 2 d, 16 hr


Wiltron 58A50 VSWR Bridge, Working
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Wiltron 58A50 VSWR bridge, rated for 2 to 18GHz. Seems to be working OK but it's a bit hard to measure. One unit only, no adaptors included. The plots were done with a Wiltron 28A50-1 termination on the reference port. The first plot is the raw...

time left: 2 d, 13 hr