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Codan 9350 Autotune Cable and Coax harness
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Auto tune control cable and coax with all plugs..ready to go to allow your ICOM IC7000 to tune a codan 9350 from the tune button. Surely would be easy to modify for other rigs and antennas. Approximately 6 to 7 metres long.


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For Sale Hygain Th11  1 owner only up for 2 years before replacing with another antenna 1000$ Firm Brad  Sydney 0401414490


Aluminium for Antennas
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Have a quantity of excess and hard to obtain different diameter and wall thickness of Aluminium tubing for making two way Radio Antennas. It's in good condition, but is long to move (can shorten if required WITHOUT CUTTING). Attached photo is a list...


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For Sale Hygain Th11  1 owner only up for 2 years before replacing with another antenna 1000$ Firm Brad  Sydney 0401414490


MFJ 1846 6 to 20 Meter HEX BEAM (Brand New)
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For sale is a brand new MFJ 1846 2 element 6 to 20 meter HEX Beam that was purchased in September 2020 but unfortunatly, its too large for our back yard. Its In original box that was only opened to check parts. Idealy pickup, but can send via...


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This antenna was imported from USA and due to lack of space I decided to keep the Comet vertical instead and no longer need this. As received from Customs is still sitting in the house and totally packed as it arrived from USA FREIGHT: the box...


As-new Innovantennas Delta C-140 rotary 40m dipole
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<p><strong>For Sale – Innovantennas Delta C-140 rotary 40m dipole - never used</strong></p> <p>For sale is an as-new Delta C-140 antenna, originally to be the second element of a reversible 2-element 40m yagi. However one C-140...


2-ele 14 - 28MHz GEM Quad-based delta loop beam
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<p>For sale is the VK6VZ custom-made 2-element delta loop HF beam antenna. This helped me to work around 300 countries, Australia to win several Commonwealth Contest team contests and is the best HF antenna ever used here. This consists of a...


Yagi (27-29) mhz 5 full size antenna elements
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Five full size elements for the making of a five element yagi, consists of reflector - driven element - and three directors, 27-30 mhz, your choice, see photos, have had alminox paste applied to telescopic sections, all straight - strong but...


HF End Fed Antenna 4 Bands 7-30 MHz Ham Radio
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Brand new from local supplier in Sydney   Sold on VK Classifieds for more than a year now The conductive resonant wire is cold drawn multi-strand copper wire 2.5mm square.     Length of antenna wire is 19.8 metres   ...


Free Standing 2.9m 3 legged tower
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<strong>FOR SALE ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND. </strong>This triangle tower was purpose built in steel for my friend, it was powder coated black & the base plate + mount are orange. Total height is 2.9m (tower is 2.3m) & the base is approx....

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Assorted Tower, Mast &amp; Rotator Accessories
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I have been asked to help in the disposal of an Estate Collection of Tower, Mast & Rotator accessories etc. All payments for the items will be going direct to the Estate & I will be taking care of freight & packaging etc if needed....


RACAL Tactical HF wire antenna kit + man pack ant
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For Sale On Behalf Of A Friend. Down sizing after an accident. Up for sale is this never used Army Tactical HF Wire Antenna kit & harware + fold up vehicle antenna etc & flexi stumpy whip for man pack etc includes carry case &...


Assorted antennas up for sale, down sizing
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FOR SALE ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND. He is down sizing after an accident. 2 x RFI (YB9-series) 9 element 70cm yagis & a RFI (PH42 series) phasing harness.......$300. Phased Antenna gain is 15.00dBi. Antennas & cross boom have been painted...


WIRE ROPE 6.4mm Stainless Steel 316, 7x19 strands
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FOR SALE ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND. Up for sale is approx 70m (end of 305m roll) of 6.4mm, 316 grade, 7 x 19 strands wire rope. My friend purchased this full 305m roll when he re-did all the guy, lift & lay over wire ropes on his tower. This wire...


For Sale, Freestanding 2.6m Triangle Tower
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<strong>FOR SALE ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND. </strong>This triangle tower was purpose built in steel for my friend, it was powder coated black. Total height is 2.6m & the base is approx. 800mm aside, the top section will accept a 50mm mast...


305m (1,000ft) RFS FLC12-50J (Same as LDF4-50A)
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<strong>For sale on behalf of a friend.</strong> RFS (Radio Frequency Systems) Flexwell 12-50J 1/2" 50 ohm coaxial cable, (same as LDF4-50A Heliax cable). 305m (1,000ft) on original wooden drum. AS NEW, but has been stored out doors covered...


NEW Mast Joiner Clamp For 63.5 x 6.35mm Alum. Tube
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"SELLING ON BEHALF OF A FRIEND" more new never used parts from cancelled project. Up for sale are <strong>3</strong> x purpose built mast joiner clamps (for 63.5 dia x 6.35mm wall structual tube). Clamp cost over $250 each when they were...

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