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HV Plate Transformer
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See the photos. It's a very heavy 240VAC to 3100VAC @1Amp transformer. At a guess it weighs around 20kg and rough dimensions are 290mm x 300mm x 160mm. Ideal for that big homebrew linear??? (Not a desktop one). That was my plan anyway! Collect from...


Copies of Johnson 5 Pin Ceramic Sockets - one pair
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<p>Chinese copies of 5 pin <strong>Johnson</strong> ceramic socket. I have two pairs, so that is 4 sockets. If you want the lot, that will be 2 x $20, plus postage.</p> <p>Copies of Johnson socket type...


Johnson 275 5 Pin Ceramic Sockets - Pair of
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<p>Original 5 pin <strong>Johnson</strong> ceramic socket</p> <p>Johnson socket type 275</p> <p>Fits 3-500Z, 4-125A, 4-250A, 4-400A tubes, QE08/200.</p> <p>These sockets used, but in very good to excellent...


HV Electrolytic Capacitors. Many types, see list
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<p><strong>Description</strong><strong> </strong></p> <p>Used but near new, HV electrolytic, polarised and non-polarised capacitors.</p> <p>I have listed these capacitors as “Near New”, as they have been...


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I am looking for two male and two female EIA flange connectors for LDF 5-50 heliax. Please contact me on 0416090232 or by email at joestephen@internode.on.net Surely there are some surplus EIA flange connectors in VK in someones junk box??? I...


APRS Display for TT4
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<span style="font-size: 14pt;">Hi I got a new 4x20 display</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt;">complete</span> <span style="font-size: 14pt;">with connection cable. Also included the manual how to install it. I payed $45.00 USD...

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Cosser 23D CRT, Looks Brand new, Untested.
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Cosser 23D CRT, looks brand new, untested. Price reduced. Local pickup from near Camberwell Junction, VIC or the storage location. I will post this to anywhere in Australia but would want to put a LOT of bubble wrap around it! ...

time left: 1 w, 2 d


Tray of 560Ohm 20W Resistors (Contains 60)
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Tray of 560Ω 20W resistors (contains 60), unopened, weighs about 1.4kg. The photos are not of the exact one but another one which, of course, was identical. In a pinch I will post this to anywhere in Australia. The tray weighs about 1400g...

time left: 1 w, 2 d


OM350 MMICs, 5 off.
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OM350 MMICs, 5 off. Unused, new. The second photo is the frequency response in a 50Ohm system using, I think, a Mini-Circuits ADCH-80 as the DC power input choke. Note: $20 starting bid is for 5 devices, so $4 each to start with. Local pickup...

time left: 2 d, 17 hr


HP Knobs From Upgrade Kit, 5 Off
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HP Knob Kit 00410-69503 for HP 410C Meter, brand new, 5 sets. I might have a few of these so if you are interested in more than five sets let me know and I'll see if I can find some more. Local pickup from near Camberwell Junction, VIC...

time left: 16 hr, 55 min